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Rally competitions at CruftsRally is the very latest dog activity to be recognised by The Kennel Club. It's lots of fun and no matter what level you and your dog are at, it's easy to get involved and start training and competing.

Rally involves you and your dog working as a team to navigate a course with numbered signs indicating different exercises to perform. Think of it as a sort of 'obedience exercise obstacle course' including simple exercises.


Crufts Results 2020

Click here to find the Crufts 2020 results. 

Guidelines for competing

Team Manager Guidelines

A Rally competition between teams from

Northern Ireland
South East and East Anglia
South and South West

Each team manager is appointed for a 3-year period and must fulfil the following criteria.

i. Reside in the area they manage
ii. Demonstrate a real interest in the competition
iii. Actively promote the competition
iv. Appoint 2 assistant managers for the appointment period (who will be entitled to free entry and car parking for the day of the event). The choice of assistant managers should be used to ensure that all areas of the region are covered by the team selection process.
v. Ensure any equipment required for team selection and training is available to team members.
vi. Liaise with the event coordinator as required.

Skills / attributes

i. Good communication and organisational skills.
ii. Ability to work with team members and assistants to build team spirit and ensure everyone understands their role and responsibilities for the day.
iii. Access to and an ability to use a computer, in particular completing word documents received by email and then returned to the coordinator by email.

Team selection process

Team managers will host at least one team selection event to which dogs and handlers are invited to attend through an application process that is clearly advertised throughout their area.
The application form will contain the following information;
1. Dog and handler details
2. List of awards achieved during the year
3. The class level applied for.

Once a team is selected the manager shall host at least one team training session to build team spirit, to ensure all members are suitably acquainted with the tests and requirements for the day.

Expectations for competition day

i. Arrive at the Rally competition area early enough to meet all team members as they arrive and to ensure they are briefed in preparation for the day.
ii. Lead the team in the parade at the start and finish of the day.
iii. Ensure each team member is in the collecting ring ready to compete as required.
iv. Offer the reserve handler and dog the opportunity to work in the ring during the lunch break.

Team Manager Guidelines

Definition of regions.

Region Counties included

Scotland All counties in Scotland

Northern Ireland All counties in Northern Ireland, Isle of Man

North Durham, Cleveland, Tyne & Wear, Northumberland, Humberside, South, West and North Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Cumbria, Cheshire and Merseyside

Midlands Nottinghamshire, West Midlands, Warwickshire, Staffordshire, Shropshire, Worcestershire, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, Derbyshire and Rutland

Wales All counties in Wales

South East and East Anglia Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, East and West Sussex, Surrey, Greater London, Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Berkshire and Middlesex.

South and South West Herefordshire, Somerset, Avon, Wiltshire, Devon, Cornwall, Dorset and Gloucestershire

Competition Guidelines

A rally competition between 7 teams - one each from:


Northern Ireland

North Midlands


South East and East Anglia

South and South West

Teams to consist of:- One dog per Level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, plus a reserve (Level 1) making a total of 7 dogs per team.

All dogs selected must be eligible to compete for the level they are chosen at the closing date.

Each dog selected must be capable of moving up to the next level should a dog withdraw from the competition after the closing date for submission of team details. The Level 1 reserve dog will then compete at level 1. A non-travelling reserve can be chosen for each class, bearing in mind breed restrictions for the competition. Up to two reserves can be used up to 14 days before the event should first choice dog and/or handler be forced to withdraw due to ill health or some other serious occurrence. Prior consent to use a reserve must be sought from the Coordinator and Chief Steward. There will be no substitutions in the 14 days before Crufts.

There will be no more than;

  1. 2 Border Collies or Working Sheepdogs
    2 Crossbreeds (one of which must not be a Collie/Working Sheepdog type)
    2 of any other single breed.
  2. Owners, handlers and dogs should be resident in a county in the region they represent.
  3. In the event of a tie between teams for first or second place, the level 6 dogs will run off to decide the winning team. NB: there will be no run off in individual classes
  4. Obedience Champions cannot compete.
  5. Competitors in the Crufts Obedience Championships and Inter-Regional Obedience competitions 2020 cannot compete.
  6. Closing date for eligibility is the last day of October 2019
  7. Medals and an Award will be presented to the winning team and the runners-up.

The Tests

Levels 1 - 6

  1. To compete in any level dogs must be eligible for that Level in Kennel Club Rally Regulations S at the closing date for entries
  2. All Levels will conform to the current S regulations as published on January 1st 2020
  3. A 5 minute walk through will be allowed prior to the start of judging of each level.
  4. The judge will send a copy of each level course to team managers at least 2 months prior to the event.
  5. Dogs will not be measured but in the case of a dispute on the height of the dog the decision of the jump height for that dog will be made by the Crufts Obedience Chief Steward and will be final. Team managers must be confident that the claimed height of any dog is correct.

Scoring guidelines

The team with the highest score will be the winner for each team event.

Points for each level are awarded as below.
1st - 8 pts
2nd - 6 pts
3rd - 5 pts
4th - 4 pts
5th - 3 pts
6th - 2 pts
7th - 1 pt

There are no run-offs for individual places in any class.
If two or more teams tie for overall first or second place then the competition will be decided by a run-off involving the relevant Level 6 dogs.

NOTE – IF 2 or more dogs end up tying for a place then both (or all) of those dogs get the points for that place.

Remember though that if say three dogs tied for 4th place – each of them would get 4 pts BUT the next dog or dogs would be 7th (or joint 7th) and would get the appropriate points for 7th place, not 5th place.

Running orders for Crufts 2020

The running orders for Crufts 2020 are as follows: 

Northern (Orange) Team Manager: Gail Holl

Level 1 Frances Mitchell Mikmaqlabs Kuruk, Retriever (Labrador)
Level 2 Sarah Edwardson Kenaiteen Mungo, Bernese Mountain Dog
Level 3 Ann Lee Izzy Wizzy Woo, Crossbreed
Level 4 Denise Curren Madsway Aramis, Crossbreed
Level 5 Denise Platts Littlethorn Leaf, Border Collie
Level 6 Sue Brown Stillmoor Tartan Banner of Delphinia, Border Collie

(Level 1) Angela Wilson Canouan Lionel-Blair by Robil (Imp Fra), Affenpinscher

Wales (Red) Team Manager: Tracey McGuirk

Level 1 Rhian Lloyd Chocolate Mystery Maiden, Spaniel (Cocker)
Level 2 Nerys Thomas Tudful Ddraig Goch at Calanhaf, Spaniel (Welsh Springer)
Level 3 Katie Harvey Madgack Maple Retriever, (Labrador)
Level 4 Mary Muxworthy Beverton Ted, Border Collie
Level 5 Mary Rayment Grizwold Lady of the Lake, German Spitz (Mittel)
Level 6 Katy Girdler Gwynion Sinead For Pashamatts, Border Collie

(Level 1) Heather Parker Man of Magic, Crossbreed

South & South West (Black) Team Manager: Jenny Butters

Level 1 Mary Cockings Another Beautiful Husky, Siberian Husky
Level 2 Monica Collins Cama Z Jirkova Dvora, German Shepherd Dog
Level 3 Rosemary Banfield Delator Spring is in The Air, Belgian Shepherd Dog(Tervueren)
Level 4 Anne Uglow Aculsia Teardrop, Border Collie
Level 5 Felicity Veazey Janallan Bakari, Belgian Shepherd Dog(Groenendael)
Level 6 Sarah Lindsey Merryway Narla of Goldbounty, Retriever (Golden)

(Level 1) Joanna Pidduck Peartbrook Black Diamond, Shetland Sheepdog

South East & East Anglia (Cerise Pink) Team Manager: Jenny Stewart

Level 1 Sonya Wright Edward Scissor Paws, Crossbreed
Level 2 Betty Straw Dukeson I’m a Believer JW RL1Ex, Shetland Sheepdog
Level 3 Christine Dunning Mohnesee Miss Nightingale, Shetland Sheepdog
Level 4 Alison Ruyter Resi’s Practical Joke, Crossbreed
Level 5 Val Kelsey Rooqui’s Typoni Maiden, Border Collie
Level 6 Jenny Morris Blackrobin Bob the Builder, Border Collie

(Level 1) David Jones Accra Witching Wizard, Australian Shepherd

Northern Ireland (Green) Team Manager: Rachel Cooper

Level 1 Nicki McAlister Connobenali Bizzy at Dreamweaver, Spaniel (Cocker)
Level 2 Colleen Fawcett Ir, Int, Hr Champion Fostebrie Divine 
Gold at Beannchor ShCM, Ir Jnr Ch, RL1Ex, Briard
Level 3 Debbie Martin Foxbarton Platinum Prince, Border Collie
Level 4 Louise Boomer Gracehill Mister Charles RL3Ex, Crossbreed
Level 5 Gareth Smyth Tippi May Hadron, Collie (Smooth)
Level 6 Amanda Wark Smokin Joe Razor, Crossbreed

(Level 1) Sandra Haveron Thornbrook Dixie Melody at Havergrove, Spaniel (Cocker)

Midlands (Purple) Team Manager: Julia Bodsworth

Level 1 Glenis Charles Corneroak Golden Gambler, Retriever (Golden)
Level 2 Gloria Bonnell Sandwick Centre Stage at Cinlock, Shetland Sheepdog
Level 3 Lizzie Lang Slatina Norroca, Crossbreed
Level 4 Katie Lynn Borderforce Any Witch Way, Working Sheepdog
Level 5 Marie Miller Stormlake’s Jester, German Shepherd Dog
Level 6 Kate Wykes Dreaganta Xary’s Star of Tarnforce, Border Collie

(Level 1) Briar Dunn Rubus Parvifolius, Retriever (Golden)

Scotland (Blue) Team Manager: Elaine Miller

Level 1 Sharon Deans Highhouse Adranus Fliro, Retriever (Labrador)
Level 2 Lorraine Murtagh Practically Perfect Inca, Spaniel (English Springer)
Level 3 Sarah Collin Stockibears Caramel Mist, German Shepherd Dog
Level 4 Amy Jackson Scottish Duke ‘O’ Emerald Isle, Crossbreed
Level 5 Sally Sanford Danehaven Midgell at Paludic, Retriever (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling)
Level 6 Sally Sanford Erikachen Lasadoir at Paludic, Retriever (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling)

(Level 1)  Vycki Brock Jansanleis Polar Express to Pomkins, German Spitz (Mittel)