11 -14 March 2021, The NEC Birmingham


Obedience competitions at CruftsObedience competitions take place throughout the four days of Crufts. They’re held in the ring dedicated to obedience, located in hall 5 of the NEC , which holds over 1,000 spectators and is often filled to capacity. There are three different competitions that take place over the course of the event:

  • Inter-regional rally competition followed by the obreedience competition
  • Inter-regional obedience competition
  • Obedience championships for dogs and obedience championships for bitches

If you are a visitor going to watch obedience for the first time, you may want to look at our new to obedience pages, which explain the tests, marking, rules and the different levels of competition for obedience.

Crufts entries 2020

Obedience Bitch - 21

Obedience Dog - 24

Crufts judges 2020

Obedience championships Miss M Newman

Tickets for obedience

You can purchase tickets for the obedience ring here.

Crufts obedience championships

Saturday and Sunday are the highlight of the UK obedience year, when the best of the UK’s obedience dogs and their handlers compete for the title of Crufts obedience champion. One day is for bitches, the other for dogs. Throughout the year there are a number of championship shows around the UK which host qualifying classes for the Crufts obedience championships. All dogs have won through the class levels to qualify for championship class C, and those who win a championship class during the preceding year will qualify to compete in the obedience championships the following March. The title of obedience champion can be claimed by any dog that has won championship class C on three occasions under three different judges, or one that wins a Crufts championship obedience class.

Crufts obedience championships results

Will be available shortly after the competition.

On parade

Each day in the Crufts obedience ring begins with a parade of all those entered on that day, introduced in working order. Each of the teams chooses a piece of music for their parade around the ring, giving each a stamp of individuality. On Saturday and Sunday, each handler and dog is introduced and the details of the shows at which they qualified for Crufts is also announced.

The inter-regional team event

Seven teams will compete at Crufts, representing the UK regions: Scotland, Northern, Midlands, Western, Southern, Wales and Northern Ireland to win the inter-regional team event. Everything you need to know can be found below.  

Crufts judges 2020

Obedience championships Miss M Newman

The inter-regional team event

Seven teams compete, representing the UK regions: Scotland, Northern, Midlands, Western, Southern, Wales and Northern Ireland. Five levels of obedience competition are on show, and the aim of the day is to demonstrate a range of breeds and competition levels in obedience. Each team will have seven handlers and dogs:

  • one beginner
  • two novice
  • two class A
  • one class B
  • one class C

The team managers are responsible for selecting their team members, but they must include a variety of breeds including crossbreed dogs, even though the Border Collie/working Sheepdog are the most common breeds competing. The inter-regional day is a showcase to demonstrate that almost any dog can compete and be successful in obedience. This competition has run for many years and the teams work hard to do their best. It is always a closely fought event.

Crufts Inter-Regional Obedience Results

See the full results from the Inter - Regional Obedience at Crufts here. 

The inter-regional team event running orders for Crufts 2020

Northern (Orange) Team Manager: Emma Lavender

Beginner Sue Macdonald Mister Rusty Rocket Rusty, Crossbreed
Novice 1 Mo Conlin Fouranfass Phury CDex (IGP3), German Shepherd Dog
Novice 2 Chris Schwarz Pendledean Pretty Woman, Miniature Schnauzer
Class A 1 David Foden Tiamaria Imperial Red, Retriever (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling)
Class A 2 Donna Surtees Miss Batty, Bearded Collie
Class B Rachael Young Stillrockin Guessing Game At Jarysmystic, Working Sheepdog
Class C Julie Rowlands Sarkam Douthinkhe Saurus, Border Collie

(Beginner) Amanda Ward Jacobswood Epic Encore, Retriever (Labrador)

Wales (Red) Team Manager: Jen Jessop

Beginner Aleks Borawska Shiba the Marmot’s Bane, Crossbreed
Novice 1 Yve Davies Unity Neo, Poodle (Standard)
Novice 2 Chrissy Harrison Wrigglikeaworm at Pashamatts, Crossbreed
Class A 1 Elinor Anderson Brandys Reddy for Myrtillas, Crossbreed
Class A 2 Stephanie Heath Jodame Glitterball, Working Sheepdog
Class B Meriel Bentley Hareloch Cobbler, Retriever (Golden)
Class C Michelle Verrill Sixela Twenty Four Seven, Border Collie

(Beginner) Tracey Doolan Priorise Legacy of Linjor, Retriever (Labrador)

South & South West (Black) Team Manager: Emma Galbraith

Beginner Casey Richards Materas Rock Steady, Boston Terrier
Novice 1 Clive King Jodame Great Escape, Working Sheepdog
Novice 2 Sandra Smith Gunner Joblue, German Shepherd Dog
Class A 1 Samantha Rice Tollerice Chase, Retriever (Nova
Scotia Duck Tolling)
Class A 2 Janet Saker Corneroak Golden Girl Velda, Retriever (Golden)
Class B Steve Wiltshire Vakeranti Onnyx A Ex, German Shepherd Dog
Class C Jo Neal Somerset Ollie, Working Sheepdog

(Beginner) Micky Benton Reinglen Emerald, German Shepherd Dog

South East & East Anglia Team (Cerise Pink) Team Manager: Wendy Birch

Beginner Kath Gorick Aleseshep Tula Bula, German Shepherd Dog
Novice 1 Fiona Bird Clarmers Kwitcha Talking, German Spitz (Mittel)
Novice 2 Paula Foakes Kanukalos Rhapsody, Hovawart
Class A 1 Samantha Ragus Mediterranean Jet, Retriever (Labrador)
Class A 2 Liam Norfolk Kennibee Klevva, Retriever (Golden)
Class B Lesley Nichols Dunburgh Taylor Boy, Retriever (Golden)
Class C Val Howse Stillrockin Fen, Working Sheepdog

(Beginner) Ricky Cox Kensteen Such Trickery, German Shepherd Dog

Northern Ireland (Green) Team Manager: Tracy McKinlay

Beginner Rachel Garisch Cherryvalley’s Mellififluous, German Shepherd Dog
Novice 1 Janette Mitchell Fenstyle Kerro Blue Diamond, – Shetland Sheepdog
Novice 2 Carol Lewin Choxxstart Colby,– Bearded Collie
Class A 1 Claire McKinlay Newford’s Marmite, Dobermann
Class A 2 Lisa Craig Pepsanner Sutton Bell, Retriever (Golden)
Class B Louise Jackson Manannans Barrule, Border Collie
Class C Helen Boyde Stillrockin and Heaven Sent, Working Sheepdog

(Beginner) Tracey Dawn Watt Vinny Vidi Vici, Working Cocker Spaniel

Midlands (Purple) Team Manager: Lou Jackson

Beginner Emma Daniel Indie Mindy, Crossbreed
Novice 1 Carol Hartland Deltamadog Rose, Working Sheepdog
Novice 2 Dawn Cox Tuesday’s Chance Encounter, Working Cocker Spaniel
Class A 1 Kay Reynolds Tawny Hill Perfect Dusty, Retriever (Golden)
Class A 2 Rachel Richards Goodbye Mr Chips, Crossbreed
Class B Joy Patilla Briabar Golden Reiver, Retriever (Golden)
Class C Carol Clack Briabar Golden Dream, Retriever (Golden)

(Beginner) Maggie Wills Carricks Popping Candy, Working Sheepdog

Scotland (Blue) Team Manager: Carole Patrick

Beginner Jean Murray Mystic Bell, Retriever (Golden)
Novice 1 Doreen Bidgood Alikir Ize Cool, German Shepherd Dog
Novice 2 Penny Crowe Staffstyle’s Bonny Wee Lass, Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Class A 1 Yvonne Roberts Unezi Rocky Bay, Rhodesian Ridgeback
Class A 2 Penny Crowe Staffstyle’s Bonny Wee Lass, Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Class B Jim McIntosh Harlequin Xandras, Working Sheepdog
Class C Pamela Lochrie Sixela Mad Hatter At Xandras, Working Sheepdog

(Beginner) Annette Spence Last Chocolate, Crossbreed

If you have any queries, please email obedience@thekennelclub.org.uk.