10 - 13 March 2022, The NEC Birmingham


spectacular displays of agility at Crufts

In the main arena at Crufts, you can find the best and most spectacular displays of agility taking place. All four days are jam-packed with nail-biting competitions, such as: Kennel Club agility championships, Kennel Club 'British Open’, Kennel Club festival novice agility, Kennel Club team agility, Kennel Club singles agility, Kennel Club international agility, Kennel Club large novice ABC agility and Kennel Club medium ABC agility.

Crufts judges 2022 

Agility Championships Mr P Elms
Agility Dr H Banks
Agility Mr C Huckle

Results at Crufts 2020

Find results for the following:

British Open Large Jumping

British Open Medium Jumping

British Open Small Jumping

Novice Cup Large Jumping

Novice Cup Medium Jumping 

Novice Cup Small Jumping

Relay - Crufts Team - Large

Relay - Crufts Team - Large

Novice Cup - LARGE

Novice Cup - Large - AGILITY

Novice Cup - Medium - AGILITY

Novice Cup - MEDIUM

Novice Cup - SMALL

Novice Cup - Small - AGILITY

Large Novice and Medium ABC Final - Large

Large Novice and Medium ABC Final - Medium

Singles Heat - Large - JUMPING

Singles Heat - Medium - JUMPING

Crufts Singles Heat - Small - JUMPING

Agility Relay - Crufts Team - Medium

Singles Heat - MEDIUM

Singles Heat - Medium - AGILITY

Singles Heat - SMALL

Singles Heat - Small - AGILITY

Singles Heat - LARGE

Singles Heat - Large - AGILITY

Large Novice and Medium ABC Final - LARGE overall

Large Novice and Medium ABC Final - Large round 2

Crufts Large Novice and Medium ABC Final - MEDIUM

Crufts Large Novice and Medium ABC Final - Medium round 2

Crufts Singles Heat - Large - FINAL

Crufts Singles Heat - Medium - FINAL

Crufts Singles Heat - Small - FINAL

International Invitation Jumping - Large

Relay - Crufts Team - Small

International Invitation Agility - Large

International Invitation Agility - Large overall ranking

International Invitation Final - Large

YKC Flyball - Final

Agility Championship - Large - Jumping

Agility Championship - Medium - Jumping

Agility Championship - Large

Agility Championship - Large round 2

Agility Championship - Small - Final

Agility Championship - Medium - Final

Agility Championship - Large - Final

Dog running over A frame

Qualifying shows for Agility

Here you can find all the shows which hold qualifying heats for your chance to qualifying for Crufts 2023.

Qualifying shows for agility
Dog running over jump

Qualification for Crufts

Find out the criteria you need to know in order to qualify your dog for agility at Crufts.

Qualification for Crufts
Dog running over jump

Qualifying results for Crufts 2022

Find out who has qualified for Crufts 2022 having taken part in heats during 2021.

Qualifying results for Crufts