Stylish doggy dining comes to dfs Crufts

Kohana, the Siberian Husky, watches Peter Osborne, Chef, prepare his doggy dinnerPicture the scene: the table is set, the candles lit and the smells wafting from the kitchen are making you feel hungry.  The menu is either turkey and brown rice stir fry with mixed vegetables, or beef and wholemeal noodles.

Then the chef starts to dish up, not onto the finest bone china, but into a rather stylish dog bowl.

At dfs Crufts, it’s the doggy diners that come first.  Peter Osborne, aka ‘The Big Chef’, is cooking up a storm on the Samsung stand and showing visitors how to prepare meals that are tasty enough for humans and hounds to eat.  Each day, Peter is demonstrating how easy it is to cook nutritious, simple food for dogs.

Peter said: “The beauty of cooking for your dog is that you know exactly what has gone into the food.  I use lots of fresh vegetables, wholewheat pasta and brown rice and lots of natural herbs and flavourings such as garlic.

Samsung Chef, Peter Osborne, with Kohana the Siberian Husky“However, you do need to make sure you use ingredients that are safe for dogs to eat as not all human food can be eaten by dogs.  I never use onions, raisins or chocolate in any of my doggy dishes.”

Peter’s canine culinary dishes are being served in a set of matching sky blue and pink bone designer dog bowls, which are designed by Sam Ruffell-Smith of K9 by Igloo Designs.  The bowls are made from heavyweight polyresin and have non-slip feet, which means no matter how hungry your dog is, the bowls should not turn over.

Peter’s canine cookery demonstrations take place daily, on the hour, from 11am to 4pm on the Samsung stand in Hall 3.

Photograph shows: Chef, Peter Osborne, with Icedrift Never Back Down Into Nativespirit, aka Kohana, a Siberian Husky, owned by Katie Ellis. Kohanawon 3rd place in the Mid-Limit Dog Class in Siberian Huskies.