Is Your Dog A Star? Help The Kennel Club To Tell Its Story

Is Your Dog A Star? Help The Kennel Club To Tell Its Story

The Kennel Club is calling for dog lovers who are competing at Crufts in any activity or discipline to help show the world just how great dogs are.

Every year, to promote Crufts and the many roles that dogs play in society, the Kennel Club press office looks for inspiring dogs and owners with interesting stories that it can communicate to the media, who are often interested in dog-related stories in the run up to Crufts and during the show itself.

To give competitors at Crufts the potential opportunity to tell their dog’s special story to the wider world, the Kennel Club has set up an online form, which can be filled in by

Examples of stories that might be of interest are:

The Kennel Club press office will then look for the most suitable stories to promote to various media in the run up to the 125th anniversary show in March.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary, said: “Every year we look for remarkable stories that show the wide range of people who enjoy taking part in dog showing and the many other canine activities and disciplines, to showcase the impact that dogs have on our lives and to share some amazing stories of what goes on outside the show ring.

“If you are competing at Crufts 2016 and have a good story to tell or an interesting history with Crufts that you are happy to be shared with the public, then let us know by filling out the online form and help us to show the world just how wonderful dogs are.”