Clarification about overseas dogs that can compete in new Crufts classes

The Kennel Club would like to clarify the list of breeds that overseas exhibitors are able to qualify for Crufts and apologise for any confusion that has been caused.

This clarification follows the announcement that overseas exhibitors are now able to compete in AV Imported Breed Classes from Crufts 2013.

Whilst the AV Imported Breed classes are open to those dogs winning awards at overseas Crufts qualifying shows, it is confined to those breeds for which the Kennel Club has an approved Breed Standard.

The breeds eligible to compete by group are:

Hound – Basset Bleu de Gascogne; Bavarian Mountain Hound; Cirneco dell’Etna; Grand Bleu de Gascogne; Segugio Italiano
Gundog – Korthals Griffon; Lagotto Romagnolo; Slovakian Rough Haired Pointer
Utility – Eurasier; Korean Jindo; Mexican Hairless
Working – Beauceron; Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
Pastoral – Bergamasco; Catalan Sheepdog; Swedish Lapphund

The following breeds do not qualify for entry at Crufts as they currently do not have Interim Breed Standards:

Small Munsterlander
Spaniel (American Water)
Entlebucher Mountain Dog
Pyrenean Mastiff

For questions regarding the qualification criteria for overseas dogs please email


2nd October 2012


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