International Junior Handling

International Junior Handling

The International Junior Handling Competition, brings together young handlers from across the World. Each Country has one representative who competes in the main arena, with the chance of winning the ultimate title. This makes for perfect viewing if you are thinking of getting into dog showing!

Split into three exciting rounds, the competition requires the finalists to demonstrate their handling ability and rapport with unfamiliar dogs that they have met less than an hour before the final! The finalists have each selected a first and second choice breed but will not have met the individual dogs before.

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They will then handle a second dog of another breed with only about five minutes of bonding time beforehand, before returning to the ring with their original choice of breed. The judge will make a secret shortlist, with all the finalists later returning to the Arena for the final parade where the winner will be crowned.

Country Finalist Age
Australia Destiny Hamilton 18
Austria Jana Hofer 16
Belarus Yury Harbachyk 18
Belgium Gitte Loeckx 12
Brazil Catarina Recuero Ourique 15
Bulgaria Elina Stoeva 16
Canada Kayla Penney 14
Croatia Carla Ivančić 18
Czech Republic Nikola Zlamalova 12
Denmark Camille Marie Saugmann Ørbæk 16
Estonia Jekaterina Boiko 16
Finland Lotta Nykänen 16
France Ylane Tanji 16
Germany Johanna Sieger 18
Gibraltar Emily Feeke 17
Greece Katerina Giannou 15
Hungary Nikolett Rozman 18
Iceland Vaka Víðisdóttir 16
Ireland Sarah Cushley 16
Israel May Ullert 17
Italy Giorgia Callioni 17
Japan Yuria Mochizuki 16
Latvia Ance Gercane 14
Lithuania Migle Kazenaite 17
Malta Riona Manicaro 14
Monaco Aurora Sartori 14
Netherlands Jorisa van Lenthe 18
New Zealand Olivia Ross 17
Norway Julia Sofie Sørum Bjørklund 18
Poland Sara Pienkowska 16
Portugal Margarida Santos 17
Russia Anna Goryunova 14
Slovakia Kristína Munková 16
Slovenia Ana Gajzer 16
South Africa Shea Wright 17
Spain Andrea González 17
Sweden Selma Mårtensson  17
Switzerland Gwendolyn Guyer 12
Thailand Theerawat Arachunaka 14
UK Min Witheyman 18
Ukraine Kseniia Yermolenko 15
USA Mary Claire Ctibor 18