Junior Warrant Competition

Junior Warrant Competition

The Junior Warrant Competition is an annual competition where Junior Warrant winners compete for the coveted title ‘Junior Warrant Winner of the Year’ award. 

The Junior Warrant is an award for pedigree dogs from the ages of 6 to 18 months which have won a series of first prizes at both open and championship shows. Achieving a Junior Warrant is one of the highest levels of success for young pedigree dogs.

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Each year, a series of qualifying heats are held by General Canine Societies around the country scheduling Open Shows during August and September. At each heat, five dogs and a reserve are selected by the judge and 64 dogs from the heats are then invited to the Semi Finals at Discover Dogs on Sunday 13th October. Ten finalists are then selected to then compete at the Final which is held at Crufts. The overall winner is presented with an award and trophy at Crufts.

Below are a list of heats for 2019:





Contact Number

North West

16th June 2019

Chesterfield & Pinxton Kennel Association

Mrs C A Biggs

01246 451 526


6th July 2019

Bon Accord Kennel Association

Ms K Parkinson

01224 695 772

North East

14th July 2019

Durham County Canine Association

Mrs C Reid

01207 571 972


20th July 2019

Alfreton & District Canine Society

Miss E Saxton

01623 439 105

South East and East Anglia

21st July 2019

Kingston Canine Society

Mrs P L Mills

07956 061 970

North West

21st July 2019

Bakewell Agricultural & Horticultural Society

Mr P J Clayton

01623 406 362

North East

21st July 2019

York Canine Association

Mr M Thornton

07919 050 636


7th August 2019

Vale of Glamorgan Agricultural Society

Mr P Pask

01656 863 162

North East

10th August 2019

Sedgefield & District Agricultural & Horticultural Society

Mrs A Scott

01287 201 041

South and South West

14th August 2019

Gillingham & Shaftesbury Show Society

Mrs J Walmsley

01963 364 434

South and South West

25th August 2019

Horley & District Show Society

Mrs S A Tadd

01243 513 961

North East

26th August 2019

Scunthorpe Canine Association

Mrs A Mappin

01724 764 096


26th August 2019

Leicester City Canine Society

Mrs M S Ward

01530 243 551

South and South West

26th August 2019

West Country Dog Club