Best in Show winners

Year Name/Breed; Owner
1928 Primley Sceptre/Greyhound; Owner - Mr Herbert Whitley
1929 Heather Necessity/Scottish Terrier; Owner - Mr Robert Chapman
1930 Luckystar of Ware/ Cocker Spaniel; Owner - Mr H S Lloyd
1931 Luckystar of Ware/Cocker Spaniel; Owner - Mr H S Lloyd
1932 Bramshaw Bob/Labrador Retriever; Owner - Countess Lorna Howe
1933 Bramshaw Bob/Labrador Retriever; Owner - Countess Lorna Howe
1934 Southball Moonstone/Greyhound; Owner - B Harland-Worden
1935 Pennine Prima Donna/Pointer; Owner - Mr Arthur Eggleston
1936 Choonam Hung Kwong/Chow Chow; Owner - Mrs V A M Mannooc
1937 Cheverell's Ben of Banchory/Labrador Retriever; Owner - Countess Lorna Howe
1938 Exquisite Model of Ware/Cocker Spaniel; Owner - Mr H. S. Lloyd
1939 Exquisite Model of Ware/ Cocker Spaniel; Owner - Mr H. S. Lloyd
1948 Tracey Witch of Ware/ Cocker Spaniel; Owner - Mr H S Lloyd
1950 Tracey Witch of Ware/ Cocker Spaniel; Owner - Mr H S Lloyd
1951 Twynstar Dyma-Fi/ Welsh Terrier; Owner - Captain & Mrs I Morlais Thomas
1952 Noways Chuckles/Bulldog; Owner - Mr John T Bernard
1953 Elch Elder of Ouborough/Great Dane; Owner - Mr Bill G Siggers
1955 Tzigane Aggri of Nashend/Poodle (Standard); Owner - Mrs April Proctor
1956 Treetops Golden Falcon/Greyhound; Owners - Mr Judy de Cassembroot and Miss Bobbie Greenish
1957 Volkrijk of Vorden/Keeshond; Owner - Mrs Rene Tucker
1958 Chiming Bells/Pointer; Owner - Mrs Bill Parkinson
1959 Sandstorm Saracen/Welsh Terrier; Owners - Mrs D M Leach and Mrs Margaret Thomas
1960 Sulhamstead Merman/Irish Wolfhound; Owners - Florence Nagle and Marion Clark
1961 Riverina Tweedsbairn/Airedale Terrier; Owners - Mr Pat McCaughey and Mr Mac Shutch
1962 Crackwyn Cockspur/Wire Fox Terrier; Owner - Mr Harry L Gill
1963 Rogerholm Recruit/Lakeland Terrier; Owner - Mr Bill Rogers
1964 Silbury Soames of Madavale/English Setter; Owner - Mrs Ada Williams
1965 Fenton of Kentwood/German Shepherd; Owner - Sonnica H Godden
1966 Oakington Puckshill Amber Sunblush/Poodle (Toy); Owner - Mrs Clare E Perry
1967 Stingray of Derryabah/Lakeland Terrier; Owner - Mr Wilf and Mrs Betty Postlewaite
1968 Fanhill Faune/Dalmatian; Owner - Mrs. Jean Woodyatt
1969 Hendrawen's Nibelung of Charavigne/German Shepherd Dog; Owners - Mr Edwin and Mrs Shirley White
1970 Bergerie Knur/Pyrenean Mountain Dog; Owners - Mr Fred and Mrs Constance Prince
1971 Ramacon Swashbuckler/German Shepherd Dog; Owner - Prince Ahmed Husain
1972 Abraxas Audacity/ Bull Terrier; Owner - Violet Drummond-Dick
1973 Alansmere Aquarius/Cavalier King Charles Spaniel; Owner - Mr Alan Hall and Mr John Evans
1974 Burtonswood Bossy Boots/St. Bernard; Owner - Marjorie Hindes
1975 Brookewire Brandy of Layven/Wire Fox Terrier; Owners - Mr Giuseppe Benelli and Mr Paolo Dondini
1976 Dianthus Buttons/West Highland White Terrier; Owners - Mrs Kath Newstead & Mrs Dorothy Taylor
1977 Bournehouse Dancing Master/English Setter; Owner - Mr Gordon F Williams
1978 Harrowhill Huntsman/Wire Fox Terrier; Owner - Miss Evelyn Howles
1979 Callaghan of Leander/Kerry Blue Terrier; Owner - Wendy Streatfield
1980 Shargleam Blackcap/Retriever (Flat Coated); Owner - Pat Chapman
1981 Astley Portia of Rua/Irish Setter; Owner - Colette and Mary Tuite
1982 Grayco Hazelnut/Poodle (Toy); Owner - Mrs Lesley A Howard
1983 Montravia Kaskarak Hitari/Afghan Hound; Owner - Pauline Gibbs
1984 Saxonsprings Hackensack/Lhasa Apso; Owner - Jean Blyth
1985 Montravia Tommy-Gun/Poodle (Standard); Owner - Mrs Marita Gibbs
1986 Ginger Xmas Carol/Airedale Terrier; Owner - Miss Alessendra Sommi-Livraghi
1987 Viscount Grant/Afghan Hound; Owner - Mr Chris and Mrs Julie Amoo
1988 Starlite Express at Valsett/English Setter; Owner - Mr Joe W and Mrs Val Watkin
1989 Potterdale Classic of Moonhill/Bearded Collie; Owner - Brenda White
1990 Olac Moon Pilot/West Highland White Terrier; Owner - Mr Derek Tattersall
1991 Raycrofts Socialite/Clumber Spaniel; Owner - Mr Ralph Dunne
1992 Pencloe Dutch Gold/Whippet; Owner - Morag Bolton-Lockhart
1993 Danaway Debonair/Irish Setter; Owner - Jackie Lorrimer
1994 Purston Hit and Miss From Brocolitia/Welsh Terrier; Owner - Mrs A. Maughan
1995 Starchelle Chicago Bear/Irish Setter; Owners - Mrs Rachel Shaw-Rainey and Mr Tony Rainey
1996 Canigou Cambrai/English Cocker Spaniel; Owner - Tricia Bentley
1997 Ozmilion Mystification/Yorkshire Terrier; Owner - Osman Sameja
1998 Saredon Forever Young/Welsh Terrier; Owner - Judith Averis
1999 Caspians Intrepid/Irish Setter; Owner - Jackie Lorimer
2000 Torums Scarf Michael/Kerry Blue Terrier; Owner - Mr Ron Ramsay
2001 Jethard Cidevan/Basenji; Owner - Mr Paul Singleton
2002 Topscore Contradiction/Poodle (Standard); Owner - Mr S and Mrs K Glenna
2003 Yakee A Dangerous Liaison/Pekingese; Owner - Mr Easdon and Mr Martin
2004 Cobyco Call the Tune/Whippet; Owner - Mrs L Yacoby-Wright
2005 Cracknor Cause Celebre/Norfolk Terrier; Owners - Elizabeth Matell, Pam Beale and Stephanie Ingram
2006 Caitland Isle Take a Chance/Australian Shepherd; Owner - Nancy Resetar
2007 Araki Fabulous Willy/Tibetan Terrier; Owners - Mr John Shaw and Mr Neil Smith
2008 Jafrak Philippe Olivier/Giant Schnauzer; Owners - Mr and Mrs Cullen
2009 Efbe's Hidalgo At Goodspice/Sealyham Terrier; Owner - Marjorie Good
2010 Hungargunn Bear It'n Mind/Hungarian Vizsla; Owners - Mrs N and Mrs K Craggs and Armstrong
2011 Vbos The Kentuckian/Retriever (Flat Coated); Owner - Jim Irvine
2012 Zentarr Elizabeth/Lhasa Apso; Owner - Margaret Anderson
2013 Soletrader Peek A Boo/Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen; Owners - Sara Robertson and Wendy Doherty
2014 Afterglow Maverick Sabre/Poodle (Standard); Owners - Jason Lynn, John Stone and Sandra Stone
2015 McVan's To Russia With Love/Scottish Terrier; Owner - M L Khenkina
2016 Burneze Geordie Girl/West Highland White Terrier; Owner - Marie Burns
2017 Afterglow Miami Ink/American Cocker Spaniel; Owners - Jason Lynn and R Da Silva
2018 Collooney Tartan Tease/Whippet; Owners - David and Yvette Short
2019 Planet Waves Forever Young Daydream Believers/Papillon; Owners - K Roosens & J Goessens
2020 Silvae Trademark/Dachshund (Wire-haired); Owner – Mr D.C, and Mrs K.D. McAlmont