10 - 13 March 2022, The NEC Birmingham

Trade stand space terms and conditions


The application form represents the only process of application for Trade Stands at Crufts 2021. It supersedes any previously submitted provisional booking form, letter of intent or verbal application. Acceptance by the Organisers of this form must not be taken to imply that an offer of space will necessarily be made.

1 Minimum space

The minimum space area which may be applied for is 6.00 square metres (3M X2M).

2 Description of sites available

(a) “Island site” refers to a space only area for independent stand build which has a gangway on all four sides (£210.00 + VAT per square metre) minimum size 12 sq m.

(b)“Island site” including shell scheme package is an area with a gangway on all four sides but includes shell scheme package (£231.00 + VAT per square metre) minimum size 12 sq m. (c) “Other” site refers to an area which is either on the perimeter of the hall or is joined to another stand. The rates below includes a shell scheme package. “Other” sites are divided into three categories:
(i) Other (3) – open on three sides (£183.00 + VAT per square metre) minimum size 9 sq m.
(ii) Other (2) – open on two sides (£177.00 + VAT per square metre)
(iii) Other (1) – open on one side only (£145.00 + VAT per square metre)

3 Acceptance of space

All successful applicants will be notified by the end of April. Acceptance of the space offered must be received by the date given on the contract and is conditional upon the applicant’s agreement to comply with the Organiser’s Rules and Regulations/Terms and Conditions. If acceptance is not received by the due date, the Organisers reserve the right to withdraw the space allocated and offer it to another applicant without further notice. Unsuccessful applicants will be notified.

4 Payment of space

The balance of payment must be remitted by the date stipulated on the invoice. The Organisers reserve the right to cancel the allocation without notice if this condition is not complied with.

5 Transfer, sharing or sub-letting of space

Stand holders are not permitted to transfer, share or sub-let the whole or any part of the space allocated to them or to allow any portion on their stand to be used by any other company, firm or individual for business purposes.

6 Stand construction

In order to meet the safety requirements of the National Exhibition Centre and to assist trade stand holders with their administration, only the following types of stand will be permissible:

(a)“Island” Sites (Space only) – Independent Stand Designs

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Island sites must be arranged through a professional stand contractor of the trade stand holder’s choice. Full details, including the name and address of the company to be used and relevant documentation as detailed in the rules and regulations, which will be available if your application is successful, must be submitted to organisers no later than 15th June 2021. If this information is not received by the due date, the Organisers reserve the right to arrange for a shell scheme to be erected on the relevant site and the stand holder will be invoiced accordingly.

NOTE: Stand holders are advised to use contractors which are members of ESSA (The Event Supplier & Services Association)

(b)“Island” sites including shell scheme package The shell scheme package is included in the price and includes company name on the stand fascia and grey carpet.

(c) “Other” (1), “Other” (2) and “Other” (3) sites – to include shell scheme/carpet package
The shell scheme package is included in the price of “other” sites and includes walling, company name on the stand fascia and grey carpet.

7 Floor covering

All stands, without exception, must have a suitable floor covering acceptable to the Organisers, which must be supplied and laid by a professional exhibition contractor and sides of stands bordering the public gangway must be properly delineated. Please note that the shell scheme package includes grey carpet.

8 Height limit

(a) “Island” Sites Stands or any other structures, exclusive of any signs and fascias, must not exceed 3 metres in height (and any signs or fascias must not rise above a height of more than 1 metre above the main structure) unless special permission has been obtained from the Organisers.

(b)”Island” sites including shell scheme package / “Other” sites
Stand holders are not permitted to erect any structure above the height limit of the shell framework i.e. 2.4 metres.

All stand fitting must conform to the requirements of The National Exhibition Centre and the Organisers, further details of which are to be included in the Rules and Regulations circulated with every space offer.

Failure to comply with any of the above Terms and Conditions could result in expulsion from the show and jeopardise space being offered to a trade stand holder at any other event organised by The Kennel Club Ltd.

9 Staff passes

At this stage we are uncertain of what restrictions we will be under in July and are closely monitoring the situation. However, it should be noted that the number of access passes issued for each stand will be dependent on the stand size and this information will be provided if your application is successful. This is usual practice for consumer events.

10 Wastage cost

As part of the NEC’s commitment to sustainability in the exhibition industry the following wastage charges will apply to all stands:-
Stands less than 10m2 - £10.00 + VAT
Stands 11m2 – 20m2 - £15.00 + VAT
Stands 21m2 and over - £20.00 + VAT

Use of your data

We hold and process your data safely and compliantly in accordance with our privacy notice, which can be found at thekennelclub.org.uk/policies/privacy-policy.

As a contractual necessity we need to share your details with the contractors who will supply the exhibition procurement and services - those contractors agree to comply with Data Protection legislation and i) to use data only for the specified purpose ii) not to share with Third parties if unauthorised and without consent and iii) to hold data safely and securely. It will also be retained for the purpose of sending stand re-booking information for next year's show and to inform you about trading opportunities at other Kennel Club events.

Please ensure you book enough space. Partial sides open will count as a full side open and be charged accordingly. Over-spilling into the gangway or storage behind stands of ANY items is NOT permitted. Furthermore, no items are to be hung from the shell scheme ceiling grid or fascia name board.