5 - 8 March 2020, The NEC Birmingham

Pets as Therapy

The aim of the Pets as Therapy Stakes Classes is to encourage support and subscription of the Pets As Therapy Charity and to draw attention to the high standards of excellence achieved by dogs in general.

The Kennel Club registered owner(s) of all dogs competing must have a valid Pets As Therapy subscription(s), either a registered visiting or supporter subscription. The winners of the qualifying round on each day will compete for the title Pets As Therapy Show dog of the Year at the final. The winner will receive £200, a trophy and rosette. The runner up will receive £100, a trophy and rosette.

Pets As Therapy Stakes classes are open ONLY to those who have a valid Pets As Therapy subscription. The handler should show the valid subscription card (or cards) when the dog is registered in multiple name(s) to the ring steward on entering the ring.


2019 Heats

The Stakes Events from this year were as follows:
Bath Canine Society – 24 to 27 May
Kennel Club of Jersey – 8 June
East of England Dog Show – 5 to 7 July
Leeds Championship Dog Show – 26 to 28 July
South Wales Kennel Association – 11 to 13 July


Crufts Judge

Pets as Therapy Stakes Final - Mr K A W Young