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Gundog Winner YKC Stakes 2017

The Club for kids who love dogs

We are the UK's biggest kids club for dog lovers aged 6 to 24 years. We provide competitions, dog training and fun activities for you and your dog all year round.

With more than 30 years’ experience and thousands of members to testify all about the fun activities on offer, the Young Kennel Club is undoubtedly the best place to start so come and join in the fun! The choice of activities on offer, whatever your age and whatever your interest, just keeps getting bigger and better each year and the more involved you become the more fun both of you will have.

Does all of the above sound like a great club to be a part of? We certainly hope so! Why not sign up to the Young Kennel Club. 

2019 Results

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If you know someone aged 6-24 years then the Young Kennel Club is an ideal place to make new friends, develop your love of dogs and acquire new skills. The annual membership fee for the Young Kennel Club is just £15 for which you will receive the following and much, much more:

Visit us at the show

Make sure that you bring any youngsters or young adults (up to 24!) along to see us at the show as we have our very own stand and ring, jam packed with competitions and displays over all four days.  If you are new to the club, this is the perfect opportunity to come along and find out first hand from members about the activities you can become involved with and, if you are an old hand, the show is the ideal occasion to catch up with your friends.

Want to know more?

Visit and find out more about us.
Call us on 020 7518 1030 and our team will be happy to answer all your questions.


Young Kennel Club Competitions

Not sure which competition to take part in? With finals for every discipline (see below), you will be sure to find something that you and your dog will fall in love with. 

Young Kennel Club Stakes Final 
Dog showing, or exhibiting as it is known, is the most popular canine activity in the UK. In the Young Kennel Club Stakes finals, the judge will compare each dog against the official Kennel Club Breed Standard (which is a guide for the characteristics for that breed, including health and temperament). The dogs which come closest to the Breed Standard receive the top places.

Young Kennel Club Handling Final

YKC handling competitions let members compete against one another to find out who is the best at showing their dog. The competition is held in exactly the same format as a breed ring, but it isn't the dog being judged, it's you! 

Young Kennel Club Agility Dog of the Year Final

Dog agility is an action–packed and hugely exciting sport for you and your dog. It  involves loads of obstacles for your dog (not you!) to run through, jump over, and weave in and out of – and all against the clock! Not only does Agility test your dog’s fitness, you can also show off your skills as a handler, directing your dog around the agility course.

Young Kennel Club Obedience Final

Training your dog for competitive Obedience is great fun, challenging and an interesting activity for you to enjoy together. Competitive Obedience shows take place all over the country throughout the year, and are open for competitors of all levels to enter. 

Young Kennel Club Heelwork to Music Final

Heelwork to Music is Obedience training with a twist! Your dog has to show his understanding and knowledge of training commands - but the great part is that your dog can show off his obedience skills within a dance routine with music, which has been created by you.

There are two types of HTM class, Freestyle and Heelwork and most shows stage official classes in both categories.

Young Kennel Club Flyball Final

Flyball competitions involve two teams of handlers and their dogs racing against each other. These competitions are fantastic for making new friends, enjoy time with your dog and competing.

Young Person of the Year Award

Our annual award is the chance to celebrate young people who are transforming the lives of others.  We are looking to recognise young people going above and beyond or overcoming huge challenges to demonstrate their love of dogs, and encourage others to become a part of the dog world.

Find out about nominating someone by clicking here. 

YKC Artist of the Year Award

The YKC offer lots of ways for young artists to practice and enter competitions. We hold one main competition a year, the winner of which will receive a range of prizes and have their work on display at Crufts.

Find out more here. 

Groomer of the Year Award

Even if you own a short haired breed, Grooming is an important part of dog care in the show ring as well as with pet dogs. Regular grooming is also a good way of checking the general health of your dog.



Finalists for all the competitions will be available in January 2019. Check back to see who has qualified for the grand finals! 


Young Kennel Club Judges 2019

Young Kennel Club Competitions


Stakes (Breed)

Mrs J Peak


Miss R Hodge

Agility and Jumping

Ms N Jones


Mr R Burbage-Grant

Grooming (Groom Through)

Ms J Harris

Grooming (Clip/Trim and Strip)

Ms L Tandy

GCDS YKC Pre-Beginners Stakes



Mr T Cain

Heelwork to music 

Mr R Curtis

Heelwork to music

Miss P Parsons

Heelwork to music

Ms V Gregorava