YKC Results

With nearly 28,000 healthy, happy dogs enjoying the thrills and excitement of Best in Show with their owners, there’s no better place than Crufts to experience and learn about the wonderful world of dogs. The YKC ring at Crufts hosts the finals of all YKC qualifying heats that have taken place during the year, and is our most popular event.

Results from the YKC ring 2019


High Flyers Obedience 6-11 years

High Flyers Obedience 12-17 years

High Flyers Obedience 18-24 years

Gundog Handling 6-11 years

Basic Obedience 6-11 years

Basic Obedience 12-17 years

Basic Obedience 18-24 years

Agility Dog of The Year Semi-Finals

Gundog Handling 12-17 years

Novice Obedience 6 -11 years

Novice Obedience 12-17 years

Novice Obedience 18-24 years

YKC Gundog Stakes

Gundog Handling 18-24 years



Groomer of The Year

Small ABC Agility

Large ABC Agility

Medium ABC Agility

18-24 Agility (SML)

18-24 Jumping (SML)

Working and Pastoral Handling 6-11 years

Working and Pastoral Handling 12-17 years

Crossbreed Competition 18-24 years

YKC Working

YKC Pastoral

Working and Pastoral Handling 18-24 years





Heelwork to Music

Heelwork to Music Freestyle

Terrier & Hound Handling 12-17 years

Under 18 years Jumping 1
Under 18 years Jumping 2

Terrier and Hound Handling 18-24 years

Crossbreed competition 12-17 years

Terrier and Hound Handling 6-11 years

YKC Terrier Stakes

YKC Hound Stakes



Team Agility

Handling 6-11 years

Graduate Agility

Outstanding Young Person

Handling 18-24 years

Crossbreed Competition 6-11 years

Handling 12-17 years

YKC Crossbreed of the Year

YKC Utility Stakes

YKC Toy Stakes