Warwick Dog Training Club – Warwickshire

The club has been registered with the Kennel Club in 1974 and has held GCDS testing since 1998. The team have a combined dog training experience of well over 100 years.

The Club is run solely by volunteers who give up their spare time to help others with their dogs. The Club is not for profit and any money made is put back into the Club for equipment etc. They purchased branded poo bags and dispensers and gave these free of charge to members to encourage responsible dog ownership and picking up after their dog.

The Club has been involved in helping the local community to promote responsible dog ownership. They hold numerous GCDS tests a year including Bronze, Silver and Gold. They also hold weekly lessons and fun dog shows in the local community which is all in the volunteer’s spare time. In addition to this they hold many talks and seminars which are open to club members and non-members.

The Club invites local businesses along to do talks to help promote business locally and advertise them for free in their monthly email newsletter. They invite charities such as Therapy Dogs Nationwide to do talks and invite trainers from other Clubs to come along to do taster sessions in other dog sports such as Agility and Rally. The Club hold Canine First Aid courses and have hosted a Trevor Cooper Dog Law seminar. The Club has given money to dog charities and rescues, helping them to raise money and awareness of rescue dogs. The Club encourages all family members to attend weekly training sessions.  Worksheets are also available for members including topics like crate training, recall training and socialisation. The Club sends out a monthly email newsletter letting people know what they are planning and news about the club.

To date the Club has awarded 360 GCDS certificates. In 2018 there were 4 Bronze, 11 Silver and 9 Gold passes achieved.

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