The Dog Training Club Sedgley – West Midlands

The Dog Training Club Sedgley has been running for over 25 years. Based in the heart of the local community they have always made sure classes are affordable at only £3 per week so that everyone can afford to bring their dog to training classes and take part in the GCDS tests if they wish to.

There is never any pressure put on the owners or dogs as everyone learns at their own pace. The club has members that have been attending the club since it began and many have attended for over 20 years with different dogs.

The courses run continually and so if for some reason someone can’t come for a few weeks or months that’s no problem as when an owner is ready they can come back and are greeted with open arms. The club gives any profits made throughout the year to dog charities each Christmas making sure any money that is, excluding hall hire goes back to the community it came from.

The club is like one big family looking after each other in times of need. Recently due a family bereavement, one of the trainer’s inherited 3 dogs which have now been rehomed with other trainers from the club to ensure they are safe and cared for. The club regularly gives free demonstrations at local events to publicise the GCDS and to show the importance of having a well behaved dog.

To date the Club has awarded 168 GCDS certificates. In 2018 there were 17 Bronze, 10 Silver and 10 Gold passes achieved.

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