Sarah Squires

Sarah got involved in training dogs because of her large German Shephard Dexter who had become very reactive due to some unfortunate experiences whilst growing up. She felt embarrassed and was worried about his general behavior. She felt isolated and in a predicament where her dog was only getting worse.

Prior to that, Dexter has been doing well at the training class he attended. They tried another club but Dexter’s reactivity worsened and Sarah’s confidence plummeted. So Sarah took Dexter on a course for reactive dogs at Solihull DTC which helped Sarah make inroads into managing and changing Dexter’s problems.

Through this special type of training, Sarah’s confidence grew and soon she became a member and started to attend weekly sessions. The instructors worked with Sarah on one to one basis and slowly started integrate Dexter into the classes. This has proved hugely rewarding and since then Dexter has gone on to pass their Bronze and Silver awards. They are about to take their Gold Award test and Sarah’ s knowledge has increased so much so that she joined the instructing team at Solihull DTC as an understudy so that she can help others, learn from her experiences.

Dexter can still have his moments, where he feels threatened by the close proximity of other dogs, but Sarah has the skills and confidence to manage him and help him through. Sarah is very committed to helping her dog, and was at a complete loss before she came dog training at Solihull DTC. It took a lot of courage to attend that the first course due to her dog’s behavior, but with lots of hard work and perseverance, Dexter is a lucky dog to have Sarah in his corner.

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