Moses owned by Dawn Jenkins

Moses is a Bearded Collie who is nearly 10 years old and is owned by Dawn Jenkins. After some previous bad experiences where he had been frightened, Dawn approached Best Paw Forward in Hayes for help.

Moses was a very sad, frightened and defensive dog. He could not cope with any dog being in a close proximity to him. His owner had given up completely on him and he was going to need rehoming as there was a complete breakdown in their relationship. He had been going to dog shows for several years and become more and unhappy.

The decision to retire him from the show ring was taken as he could no longer cope and his owner was becoming increasingly uneasy to take him out when others were around, as he was unpredictable.

He started training in the September but was frightened of his own shadow. He would not walk in the hall initially but after much coaxing he ventured in but then hid in his crate. He didn't want to come out and train. He reacted every time a dog came near his crate and he needed to be given space to work on his own. Slowly but surely he realised that the other dogs were not coming to get him and his owner started to gain some confidence in working with him again. He became less reactive to the dogs around him eventually was able to attempt and pass his GCDS Bronze Award. He then moved on to Silver but needed more time before he was tested as he was not happy to be left more than a few paces. After completing a couple of courses, Moses finally passed his Silver Award.

His confidence was now improving to the point he would clown about. Training for Gold was challenging as he still struggled with the exercises which involved his owner moving away, but he was no longer bothered by dogs in the room. However with lots of encouragement, patience and practice and hard work he took his Gold test and passed on his first attempt.

Since passing his GCDS Gold Award, he has continued his training and now takes part in Agility, Hoopers, HTM, Rally Obedience, Tricks, Obedience, Scentwork and Fun nights. He is no longer worried by other dogs in close proximity. His tail wags from the moment he gets into the car to go training, until the moment he gets home. He bounces and grins throughout the whole class and his owner enjoys taking him. He is almost 10 years old now and had he not been to training he would have needed rehoming or still be the nervous dog that he was. The Good Citizen Awards have helped Moses and his owner to have a better relationship and prove that with the right training, no dog is a lost cause and even older dogs can learn new tricks with the help of the GCDS Awards.

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