Greenford CTC – London

Greenford has been registered with the Kennel Club in 1952 and have held GCDS testing since 1998. At one time the club used to be primarily a competitive obedience club but now all the Club’s energies are focused on training pet owners.

Being based in Greenford they are close to the London Borough of Ealing and therefore have a large intake of interested dog owners in the west London area. In 2018 they were involved in ‘Walkies in Walpole Park’, a fund raising event which promoted responsible dog ownership. At this event the club ran a fun agility course and promoted the GCDS whilst chatting to owners and their dogs.

The Club has four instructors currently and a further three understudies who the Club currently supporting their development by sending them on a course at Writtle College later this year. The Club invests in its instructors and encourages them to learn a wide variety of techniques and understanding. Two currently teach the puppy classes and 2 concentrate solely on the GCDS awards. The Clubs hosts approx.10 courses a year and specialise in the GCDS. All the Club instructors are volunteers and give their time freely.

To date the Club has awarded 938 GCDS certificates. In 2018 there were 18 Puppy Foundation, 17 Bronze, 12 Silver and 8 Gold passes achieved.

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