Dave Hibbert

Dave has been passionate in developing Police Dogs since 2005 and volunteered for West Midlands Police for 10 years before being appointed Puppy Development at manager at Thames Valley Police. During this time he volunteered as an instructor at Solihull DTC with a police puppy working through the levels of the GCDS. He also volunteered as a puppy instructor at the club delivering the GCDS Puppy Foundation.

When he was appointed Puppy Development Manager he was responsible for managing a team of volunteer puppy socialisers who looked after Police puppies for 12 months. Historically the volunteers did not complete any structured training before Dave took over and people struggled to live with the young Police dogs. Dave introduced the GCDS to help educate volunteers on dog ownership and to give them a structured path to follow for training.

After 3 years of Dave being involved in the Thames Valley Police Dog Section it was widely recognised as the most forward thinking dog section in the UK. In August 2018, Dave moved back to the West Midlands Police and has since introduced the GCDS to new puppies being allocated to volunteer puppy socialisers with a view to giving them a structure path to follow with the training of Police Dogs.

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