Danesford Dog Training- Cheshire

The club has been registered with the Kennel Club since 1972 and has held GCDS testing since 1999.The Head Trainer is Gwynneth Williams who has been instructing for over 40 years. Her dedication knows no boundaries and Gwynneth supports each and every person at the club and beyond, even coming to Crufts to support her members. She is always happy and smiling and has an infectious personality so you can’t help but love her. Her enthusiasm encourages new instructors at the club, so that all the training is presented in a fun and informative manner. The Club promotes the GCDS at all levels and in 2018 produced 19 Puppy Foundation courses, 8 Bronze, 8 Silver and 9 Gold Award passes. Overall the Club has awarded 1068 GCDS Award certificates.

The club also encourages younger members and supports the Young Kennel Club and all its activities,

As well as training they have also donated over £5000 to local animal charities. They have held displays and demonstrations at local open days and collected food and doggie items for dog re-homing charities. The club also hosts obedience and agility shows and includes a heat of the KCGCDS Special Pre- Beginner Obedience Stakes.

Volunteers who run the Danesford DTC are hardworking and committed to helping dog owners train their dogs at all levels.

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