Best Paw Forward – Middlesex

The club has been KC GCDS listed since 2015 and are also part of the Scentwork UK network of recognised trainers. They also offer one to one training and weekly Ringcraft classes as well as educational events and seminars. The club is run by Lyn Church and Lyn Bowers.

When an owner first attends the club they try to make them feel at ease and encourage them with whatever problems or concerns they may have. Owners lacking confidence or dogs with poor socialisation skills are all made to feel welcome. Both instructors are on hand for anyone that is struggling and people are never made to feel like a failure if their dog doesn’t grasp the exercises straight away.

The instructors are supportive and attentive giving constructive advice and setting attainable goals to achieve on the way. Several owners who have struggled with their dogs have gone onto achieve all levels of the GCDS when they thought initially the owners believed awards like these were not achievable.

One dog owner said” thanks to Lyn, she has made me believe that my dream to gain the GCDS Gold award was possible and attainable, an amazing lady and trainer who I now travel over 30 miles to each week to be able to continue training at the club”.

Both the instructors are friendly and approachable and want to provide you with the skills to have well-mannered and sociable dogs. Training is conducted in fun manner which makes the courses more enjoyable rather than a chore

To date the Club has awarded 619 GCDS certificates. In 2018 there were 101 Bronze, 66 Silver and 31 Gold passes achieved.

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