Best in Show Winners

The first Best in Show competition was in 1928, when Greyhound Primley Sceptre was crowned the first Best in Show champion. Since then, there have been 78 Best in Show winners, with 43 different breeds taking home the trophy. Between 1940 and 1947 there was a break from Best in Show, due to World War II. However, it came back and still today, remains the most prestigious award in dog showing. 

Take a look at all the past Best in Show winners below.

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An interview with David and Yvette Short co-owners of Tease (Best in Show Winner 2018)

We were fortunate to catch up with David and Yvette Short - the proud co-owners of the Best in Show winner at Crufts 2018.

David and Yvette talk about how they got into dog showing, their first experience of Crufts and if they are still showing Tease.

Read our interview with David and Yvette Short

Past Best in Show winners at Crufts