An Interview with Radzi Chinyanganya

This year Radzi will be returning for his second year as our roving reporter at Crufts, supporting Crufts presenter Clare Balding. We caught up with Radzi about his experience last year and what he is looking forward to this year.

This will be your second year presenting at Crufts, what was your favourite moment from last year?

My favourite moment from last year's Crufts has to be getting to take part in the agility with Cocker, a gorgeous Cocker Spaniel. I also got to do it with the legend that is Sir Peter Purves watching!

What is your favourite bit about Crufts?

My favourite bit about Crufts has to be that thousands of people all descend on one building in Birmingham, every single year, because they ALL love dogs.

What are you most looking forward to at Crufts?

I am most looking forward to watching the flyball again... what a spectacle.

Had you watched Crufts on the TV before?

Who hasn't watched it before?

What is it that makes Crufts so special to you?

- Crufts is a British institution that celebrates man’s best friend, but seeing how passionate the Kennel Club is about dogs is fantastic!

Do you have a favourite breed of dog?

The first dog I loved was a special Welsh Sheepdog called Paddy, so I have a bit of a soft spot for them.

What were you most surprised about when you presented Crufts last year?

I was genuinely taken by surprise with the sheer scale of the show. The amount of dogs, the variety of the breeds, the closeness of the dog communities and the pride of all the owners.

What would be your favourite thing to see at Crufts?

My favourite thing to see at Crufts is the Discover Dogs section. - Over 200 breeds – the perfect way to find the best dog for us!

Who would be your favourite person to see at Crufts?

I cannot wait to see Noel Fitzpatrick, the man is a legend!

If you were a dog breed what would you be and why?

I would be a Newfoundland, I would swim all day, save people, and get treats because of it! What a life!

You took part in agility last year, what would you like to have a go at this year?

Watch this space!