An interview with the Best in Show Winners 2018

Tease, a Whippet from Scotland, won the top prize at Crufts dog show in Birmingham on Sunday 11th March 2018.

The two-and-half-year old Hound breed, whose full name is Collooney Tartan Tease, beat six other finalists to be crowned best in show.

We interviewed David and Yvette Short, owners of Tease to find out more about what they did after they won and tips they would give to showing newcomers.

When and how did you get into dog showing?


I grew up in Denton near Manchester. When I was about 15 I had a Cocker Spaniel called Monty who was a family pet. I took him to the local rincraft training club where I met Keith and Brenda Thornton of the Karnak affix. We became very friendly and they took me under their wing and over the next couple of years entrusted me with a couple of their Afghans which I proceeded to show. 


I lived in Bonnyrigg Scotland where a friend, Christine Russell who bred Afghans but now shows and breeds Dachshunds under the Russteck affix, took me to her local training class with an Afghan puppy which I got from her. At this training class I met Christabel Holmes of Candidacasa Afghans who became my mentor. Both Yvette and myself are still very close friends with all these people who helped us at the beginning. 

Do you remember the first time you went to Crufts?

We think it was in 1981 at Earls Court where we first showed our Afghans. At Crufts 1986 I won Best Puppy Bitch with my dog Karnak Holly. We got together as a couple this year as well and got married in 1988. There was a lot of the dog showing fraternity at the wedding!

Tell us something that no one might know about you and Tease?

Tease is an incredibly easy dog to live with, there isn't much to say that's unusual about her, she is just such a lovely dog.

What did you do to celebrate your win with Tease?

After attending the Crufts 'after party' we went back with our friends to the hotel where we were all staying and celebrated until about 5am. We had to turn down the Breakfast TV interview in Manchester as there was no way we would have been made to look pretty on television after partying all night.

Other than Crufts what is your favourite show to exhibit at?

Our favourite has always been LKA as it is like a mini Crufts but with a Christmassy feeling. 

What are your tips for newcomers?

Watch the dogs in the ring, talk to everyone to learn about the breed and find the type you like. Go to the best breeder of that type to hopefully get one. When showing it is always very important to be gracious win or lose.

What do you think made Tease that extra special?

Tease is the ultimate showgirl, she stands in the ring and demands the judges attention. 

What else does Tease like doing?

She would make a good Labrador, she would retrieve a ball if you threw it all day for her. 

Are you still showing Tease?

Selectively and we will be showing her at the Eukanuba World Challenge at Crufts 2019.

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