Arden Grange

WHIMZEES are all natural dental chews offering pet owners a fun daily way to clean their dog’s teeth. It will help fight plaque, reduce tartar and freshen the dog’s breath. Our dental chews at WHIMZEES are 80% more effective than the leading competitors at reducing plaque.

DR. DANIELLE BERNAL – VETERINARIAN recommends the following three steps of dental health:

1. REGULAR CHECK UPS WITH YOUR VETERINARIAN: “to detect dental disease early and professionally clean teeth as required.”

2. AT HOME TOOTHBRUSHING: “brushing with special dog toothpaste helps keep teeth clean to support dental health.”

3. CONVENIENCE DAILY DENTAL CHEWS: “when given daily, dental chews such as WHIMZEES are proven to reduce plaque, tartar and breath odour.”

The benefits of WHIMZEES:

WHIMZEES use the very best all natural ingredients to create a dental chew that not only supports a dog’s dental health but is also perfect to be fed on a daily basis. Because just like us humans, a dog’s teeth should be cared for every day.



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