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When it comes to the health of pet dogs, the right nutrition will help give them the best start in life. Feeding puppies’ specific nutrition tailored to their size and breed will help them to grow healthily and into their magnificent best.

That’s why ROYAL CANIN® are partnered with Crufts, because our vision of helping dogs being at their healthy best and showcasing what makes them unique and magnificent is one and the same.

To help dogs be at their peak level for a chance to reach the latter stages of the Crufts awards, they should be fed a diet tailored to their nutritional requirements to help them reach their optimal levels of health. This is where ROYAL CANIN® come in.

ROYAL CANIN® Nutrition – for puppies and beyond

We believe the world of dogs is much more diverse than it’s widely given credit for, which is why we continue to acknowledge every detail within the ingredients of the food we formulate to help their magnificence shine through.

At ROYAL CANIN® we know that every dog deserves specialised nutrition that’s tailored to their size, breed, individuality, sensitivities and lifestyle. That’s why we also offer this level of tailored nutrition for dogs and puppies at every age, from new-born to senior.

The growth stages of a puppy tell us why they need particular kinds of nutrition that differs to the nutrition they will need as adults.

Puppies – First growth stage

The first stage of growth is renowned for being lightning quick, and it may seem as though your puppy is growing dramatically overnight. This is when the skeleton and bones that make up the ‘framework’ are beginning to build.

During this phase, food needs to be ultra-digestible. This is because the digestive system is still immature and the right amount of calcium and phosphorus is needed to help bones develop properly.

However, too much of either is just as bad as too little. It’s also vital that your puppy doesn’t gain weight too fast, because it will put undue stress on growing bones, so it’s best to choose a food which is particularly designed for this stage of growth with the optimum amount of the right nutrients.

Puppies – Second growth stage

The second stage of growth is one of consolidation. At this point, the skeleton is fully developed, and now the muscle needs to build up.

This is when your puppy will start to look closer to an adult version of itself, and it’s essential at this stage to maintain weight gain at an ideal level – so that solid muscle is developing to sustain their energy levels, rather than excess weight.

Significantly, what your puppy eats during growth will have an effect on their future health.

For example, smaller dogs have more dental problems because they tend to have rather crowded teeth in their little jaws, so good oral hygiene via a food tailored to a smaller dogs jaw will help reduce the risk of tartar build-up and the formation of plaque. Therefore, the right kibble formulations at the second growth stage, as well as the right nutrition, will help keep a puppy’s mouth and teeth healthier as they reach adulthood and beyond.

Discover the difference the right food can make to a canine’s health, condition and well-being by exploring our unique ranges of dog food. At ROYAL CANIN®, we have specific food for every type of dog.

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