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Nature's Menu

Arden Grange

The health and wellbeing of cats and dogs is at the heart of everything Nature’s Menu does.

That’s why they’ve worked with nutritionists and veterinary experts to create a new range of raw and raw-inspired pet nutrition. All True Instinct products are inspired by what cats and dogs instinctively want and need to thrive. Nature’s Menu uses honest, ethically sourced 100 per cent natural ingredients and premium quality meat to ensure that every bite compliments your pet’s true nature. No grain. No gluten. No cereal. No nasty additives or preservatives. 

There are High Meat wet fillets for pets that enjoy moist meals, and Raw Boost dry nutrition with freeze-dried meat, for added convenience. Raw Bites and freeze-dried Raw Meat Treats provide all the premium nutrition that every cat and dog of every age requires, including small breeds and puppies. True Instinct has made raw feeding even easier for less experienced pet owners, too, with the creation of Raw Boost.

This new complete food for cats and dogs is high in meat, grain-free, low in carbohydrate and available in a variety of popular pet food flavours. With True Instinct by Natures Menu, your pet gets to enjoy all the benefits of raw food with the ease and convenience of traditional pet nutrition.

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