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New Year is the time that many of us wipe the slate clean from the previous year’s indulgences and bad habits, setting ourselves new diet and exercise goals. Don’t just do that for yourself but do it for the pets in your life too. Why not start with a raw diet with no added nasties?

Despite the many years of domestication and the evolutionary changes that have occurred, the domestic dog is still designed to process and benefit from a raw meat and bone-based diet.

The dog’s dentistry for example is designed for nipping, tearing and crushing/macerating meat and bone and has no side to side grinding ability that is needed for plant fibres. The gut is short and the stomach small, with strong acid which is adapted to high meat and bone-based diets and not for the breakdown and fermentation of high starch and plant fibre-based diets.

Benefits of Feeding Raw

Raw pet food manufacturer, Natural Instinct, are passionate about feeding your pets a diet free from artificial additives, colours, preservatives, fillers or grains, just as nature intended. With this at the heart of the company, they offer a nutritional selection of complete and complementary meals and treats for dogs and cats. They are keen supporters of British produce and use only 100% British meats and the freshest fruit and vegetables.

Natural Instinct say some of the biggest and most noticeable health benefits show on the outside but aren’t limited to just health. A dog’s behaviour can change too.

Customers have noticed improvements in the below:

Raw Dog Food Diet Plan

Natural Instinct offer a wide variety of ranges for all life stages and different dietary requirements. • From their Weaning Paste, ideal for puppies and kittens, to their Senior recipe, ideal for dogs who feel their age. Other ranges include the Working Dog Range, designed for active dogs with an added boost of Vitamin C. They also have a wide range of yummy treats and bones and cat food too!

How Much Raw Dog Food to Feed?

Puppies grow rapidly and have a developing bone structure and therefore need more calories than adult dogs. Senior dogs also have different needs. So how much raw food should you feed?

“As a rule of paw, we suggest feeding puppies 5-6% of their current body weight per day until fully grown. We would also advise monitoring their weight regularly and adapting the amount fed to keep the growth rate steady. We suggest feeding adult dogs 2-3% of their ideal weight per day. However, variable factors like lifestyle, appetite and temperament can all impact on a pet’s eventual weight, which is why there’s no substitute for knowing your pet. We recommend that a healthy dog should have a natural waist and that you should be able to feel (but not see) its ribcage.”

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