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The IAMS Pet Pledge is more than just a yearlong promise to your pet, it is a lifelong commitment to a healthy, active life through nutrition, activity and play and of course, plenty of cuddle time.

Our Pets are family. They are there for us no matter what – always offering a purr or a paw when we need them. Which is why it’s only natural that we want to provide our pets with the best:- a healthy lifestyle and great tasting 100% complete and balanced nutrition.  Because we all want to keep our pets feeling happy and active, giving you many more days to enjoy together. However, in addition to providing a high-quality diet and regular exercise, there are other responsibilities for us pet parents to remember. So, to help you and your pet with your Pet Pledge journey, we have compiled a Pet Pledge Booklet full of tips & tricks which you will be able to download when making your pledge!

Join us and our Pet Pledge community this 2018 by making a pledge to your pet. Whether it be through improving their nutrition, more weekend walkies or those purrfect snuggles, we will be here on this journey with you through quarterly newsletters, updates and sharing the experiences in the IAMS Pledge community.

Remember, no matter how big or small your pledge, we can all make a difference to our pet’s lives for an even happier and healthier year together.

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