For a healthy, active life choose high quality animal protein

Inside your dog’s body protein has numerous daily duties; supporting skin and coat, digestion, strong muscles and even important messengers such as hormones.  In a nutshell protein is one busy nutrient and it’s in high demand.


Interestingly there are two types of proteins commonly blended into dog foods – animal proteins and plant based proteins.  While dogs can survive without animal protein in their diet, without it they may not reach their full potential. 

Think of it this way - a dog’s gastrointestinal tract is quite short and simple, with no capacity to digest large amounts of plant products. Whilst they can survive on plant-based diets, our dogs truly are best fed on an animal protein rich diet.

With this in mind IAMS believe animal protein should be the main protein source for domestic dogs which is why we only add high quality animal protein sources.  In fact the no 1 ingredient in IAMS is a tasty blend of chicken and turkey making it the most plentiful ingredient in IAMS Proactive Health. Not only important for health and vitality but of course animal proteins also provides a great taste dogs want and enjoy.

In addition chicken and turkey naturally provide essential amino acids like taurine, omega fats, vitamins and minerals.  And it doesn’t stop there IAMS also contains egg, considered by nutritionists as the gold standard of protein. 

You can see it in their coat.


If you’re looking to see the visual benefits of all this animal protein look no further than your dog’s coat.   Made up almost entirely of protein if your dog’s diet doesn’t have enough protein quantity and quality hair may shed more or become dry, weak and brittle.

To help you learn more about the protein sources in your dog’s dinner here’s a list of different protein sources.  Check your dog food label to see which protein sources are in your dog food.  Animal, plant or perhaps a combination of both?  Remember not all proteins are the same.


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