Dogs continue to be man’s best friend, with a quarter of UK adults owning a pooch across the UK1, however research shows grooming needs can sometimes be forgotten when it comes to choosing the right breed to introduce into our homes2.  

As our canine companions become increasingly entwined in our lives, it’s not surprising that almost half of us will consider a breed based on their temperament over anything else. This is followed by a breed’s size, appearance and general reputation, which are all weighed up when it comes to selecting our furry friend. But, speaking of fur, one area many of us forget to consider is a breed’s grooming requirements.

Taking a look at Britain’s top 100 breeds, which was revealed earlier this year, it’s clear to see that grooming needs will differ considerably from Labradors and Cockapoos to the newly crowned, UK favourite the Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

For example, Staffordshire Bull Terriers require a bath every three weeks as they can be susceptible to allergies causing their skin to become irritated while mixed breeds, such as Cockapoos have beautiful thick curly coats that are very desirable, but as a result should visit the groomers every three weeks which can cost anything up to £80 a session.

Stuart Simons, FURminator’s grooming expert explains, “It’s understandable that a dog’s nature would be hugely important to anyone looking to introduce a new pet to their home. However, what is worrying is that so few people consider the grooming needs of their pooch. Grooming is a really important part of pet maintenance as not only does it ensure that dogs look healthy and happy, but regular grooming sessions at home can create a relaxing environment where owners and their pet can boost the bond between them, while giving owners the chance to check for any skin issues such as dandruff or unfamiliar lumps.”

Along with a regular professional grooming routine, pet owners can quickly and easily implement a grooming routine at home to help keep their pet’s coat and skin healthy and glossy with the help of FURminator’s new Ultimate Hair Reduction System. This features the FURminator undercoat deShedding tool with a high-quality curved edge to gently and efficiently reach deep beneath the topcoat to safely and easily remove the undercoat. The new range also comes with an adjustable deMatter Tool to safely remove any matted hair, a Bathing Brush for super shiny locks and Hair Collection Tool allowing you to remove stubborn loose fur from clothing, furniture and fabrics.

To learn more about the range and watch live grooming demonstrations for Stuart head over to the EUKANUBA stand in Hall 3. Or you can visit www.furminator.net/en-gb and check out FURminator UK on Facebook.

1PDSA Animal Wellbeing PAW Report

2FURminator Market Research Study with Gorkana 2018 of 200 users

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