EukanubaLive life well with your canine companion 

EUKANUBA has been caring for pets since 1969, so understands what they need to live a long and healthy life by your side. Here’s some handy advice from the experts at EUKANUBA to help you and your dog to live life well together.

Support their nutritional needs

As dogs age, they have different nutritional needs and so it’s important to feed your dog high-quality nutrition which has been carefully tailored to support their life stage and breed size.

That’s why, EUKANUBA’s new and improved range includes five life stage variants, providing nutrition that builds from one life stage to the next, supporting dogs as they grow from a Puppy to Junior, next onto Adult, from Adult to Mature and then finally from Mature to Senior. What’s more, EUKANAUBA’s tasty kibbles contain FRESH chicken1, alongside other highly-quality animal proteins, to support lean muscles and maintain optimal body condition.

Tailor activity levels

In conjunction with diet exercise is key.  Every year the average dog owner walks 870 miles with their pets2. That equates to just four miles less than the distance between John O’Groats in Scotland and Land's End in Cornwall2! Regular exercise is essential, not only to keep your dog at a healthy weight but also for their mind. However, it’s important to adapt your pet’s exercise levels to meet their life stage, body condition and breed requirements.

As a general rule, adult dogs should enjoy between 30 minutes to two hours of activity every day. Working or hunting dogs, such as Hounds, Collies or Labrador Retrievers, will need the most exercise, whereas 30 minutes to one hour should be enough to keep smaller breeds and older pets in check. It’s important to remember than all dogs are individual and there needs may vary.

Ensure your dog is getting enough sleep

A dog’s sleep pattern will vary throughout their life. Most adult dogs will take a nap after a long walk but will generally be active and awake while you are home.

As a general guideline, dogs need the following amount of sleep to enjoy a healthy, active life3:

Spend quality time together

And finally, it’s important to spend quality time with your canine companion, whether this includes going for walks, exploring the great outdoors or simply taking time to unwind in each other’s company, make the most of spending time together

Try reading to your dog for a novel way to relax together and strengthen your relationship. After all, it has been documented that for humans, reading for just six minutes a day can reduce stress levels by 68%4, while interaction with animals can help to lower a person’s blood pressure.

To get started, download EUKANUBA’s heart-warming new children’s story book, ‘A Pawfect Pair’, which follows the adventures of EUKANUBA Ambassadors, Poppy and Roxy, as they search for the important things in life, companionship and connection.

Most importantly of all remember that the relationship you enjoy with your dog is a two-way street. The more love and care you give, the more you get back. By spending quality time together, through training and exercise or even grooming, you can help to nurture the bond between you, enabling you and your companion to live life well together.

1minimum 15%

2Country Living reference to a 2019 study by Lintbells

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