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Collecting your new puppy
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From the moment you leave the house to collect your new puppy, excitement levels will be heightened but the key to a calm journey home is being prepared. The first few days at home with your new bundle of fun are going to be an adjustment period so it’s important to start off on the right foot (or paw).

Puppy proofing

At home you will already have a bed, food and toys ready to get them settled in, but have you puppy-proofed all areas? Puppies are generally very curious and will wander around areas that are available to them without understanding any boundaries. There are a range of things that can be dangerous such as cleaning products, certain plants as well as cables and wires! Make sure all of these are out of reach, as well as any valuables that you may not want being chewed up.

What to take when collecting your puppy

As part of the UK law now, dogs must be secure when travelling in a vehicle, so make sure you take precautions and bring an appropriate dog crate/carrier or seatbelt harness to ensure they’re safe on their ride home. Make sure they’re cosy by putting a bed or blanket in the car, and if possible, leave a blanket with the breeder a week before they come home as this should help them to feel comfortable with a familiar smell.

If you have to travel a long way, then make sure you stop off regularly to allow them to toilet outside or even just to feel at ease as they may feel a little carsick. Offer them a drink as well to ensure that they stay fully hydrated throughout the journey.

The journey home

Think carefully about what time you are planning to collect your puppy. It’s ideal to avoid busy times when it may take longer or you may be unable to stop for a quick rest break. The journey home is likely to be scary for your new puppy who hasn’t experienced this before, so taking someone else along with you to comfort and soothe them is a good idea. If your puppy cries, it is ideal to stay calm and be reassuring, so don’t shout but also try not to be overly affectionate as this may reinforce their behaviour.

Top tips

Other than a trip to the vet, this may be their first time away from their mother and an environment that they are familiar with, so do what you can to try and keep them settled. Here are some top tips to help:


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