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This spring, along with insurance that lasts a lifetime, Agria Pet Insurance is offering an extra gift that owners can give to show their pets they really care.

With every lifetime policy taken out from 1st February to 31st March 2019, Agria Pet Insurance is giving owners £50 to spend on anything at their vet practice that supports their pet’s health. This could be vaccinations, a health or dental check, consultations and much more.

Typically, £50 could cover the cost of:

And we can’t think of many better ways to demonstrate how much you love your pet than helping them to stay in great shape. Prioritising pet health this way is very much in keeping with the reputation Agria has built over their 129-year history.

Agria Pet Insurance specialises in, and only insures animals. So, unlike many other providers that also insure homes, cars and lives – Agria focuses on pets only. This means their UK-based team just consists of animal-lovers and owners, many of whom are veterinary trained. Having someone who genuinely understands and can empathise when an owner’s going through a difficult time can make the world of difference.

Known for their commitment and passion for putting pet welfare first, Agria Pet Insurance works in close partnership with the veterinary world. Insight from this relationship has led Agria to only offer ‘lifetime’ policies, giving owners the reassurance of cover for ongoing or recurring treatment – rather than restricting them with time or per-condition limits. Agria Pet Insurance also partners with key organisations including the Kennel Club, and has a strong, ever-growing presence across the UK’s rehoming sector.

Tom Vaughan, Head of Marketing at Agria Pet Insurance, says, ‘As a company of pet owners and animal lovers, we know first-hand how important our four-legged family members are. By giving owners £50 towards their pet’s health and well-being this spring, we hope to ensure much-loved cats and dogs can easily access the routine or necessary healthcare to get them off to the healthiest start to 2019.”

As the only pet insurer endorsed by Crufts, you’ll be able to find our stand  in Hall 3, Stand 25A,  make sure you stop by for an exclusive show offer and to pick up some fantastic goodies!

Get your pet’s year off to a healthy start with £50 of free vet care. To find out more about Agria Pet Insurance, and for a quote, visit our website.

or call the team on 03330 30 82 89.

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