The Kennel Club Olympia Agility Stakes in Association with Joint Aid for Dogs

GWF NutritionGWF Nutrition has added its support to one of the most important showcase events for dog agility in the UK - The Kennel Club Olympia Agility Stakes.  This exciting collaboration between the Kennel Club and the manufacturer of the successful Joint Aid for Dogs product will ensure this event continues to remain a top class competition. The country’s most talented agility dogs and handlers vie with each other in qualifying heats at agility shows across the country throughout the season to gain a coveted invitation to compete at the Olympia final.

GWF Nutrition’s Marketing Director, Simon Vowles, says: “We are delighted to be working alongside the Kennel Club on this prestigious event.  The success of Joint Aid for Dogs over the past few years has been astounding, and with so many of our customers already using it on their working and competition dogs with great success, the opportunity to become involved with the Olympia Agility Stakes provides the perfect complement to our product.”

Joint Aid for Dogs is a proven complementary feed for all dogs, providing a painless and economical aid for maintaining healthy joints.  Containing 11 active ingredients, including chondroitin, collagen, glucosmine, glutamine and MSM, Joint Aid for Dogs helps maintain the natural anti-inflammatory actions of the dogs’ metabolism and supports the normal wear and repair of cartilage and synovial fluid.  In addition, Joint Aid for Dogs contains GWF Nutrition’s unique Oatinol® Delivery System to maintain a healthy digestive tract and a high rate of absorption of essential nutricines, vitamins and trace elements.  Manufactured exclusively by GWF Nutrition, Joint Aid for Dogs is backed by a full Money Back Guarantee (terms apply) and a Customer Satisfaction rate exceeding 99.9%.

The reason for the Olympia International’s popularity is because of its unique blend of top class competition and amazing displays mixed with its very special Christmas atmosphere.  The crowd is enthralled and entertained by a wide range of activities, from displays by the Household Cavalry to Shetland Pony Racing.  Dog agility started at Olympia in 1979, just one year after its introduction at Crufts.  In the early days it was definitely seen as being a bit of fun and something different to amuse the audience but it has now evolved into a top class Agility competition, encompassing five separate finals, with the UK’s most skilled handlers and dogs qualifying and competing each year.  In fact, the dog agility finals now vie with the main show jumping class as the most memorable part of each performance, according to audience exit polls.

Olympia features a separate agility final on each of its five days, offering handlers the chance to compete in front of an audience of ten thousand noisy supporters:

This new association was launched officially at DFS Crufts on Friday 12th March from the GWF Nutrition stand (126) in Hall 5.

All agility enthusiasts were invited to come along to the stand throughout DFS Crufts to find out more about this initiative. GWF Nutrition believes that Joint Aid for Dogs is the perfect partner for canine agility athletes and will be distributing a free sample to every entrant in all the heats at selected qualifying shows for this competition across the country.