The Blue Cross is attending Crufts 2009

The Kennel Club has welcomed the announcement by animal charity The Blue Cross that it will attend Crufts 2009 in order to achieve the shared objective of breeding happy, healthy dogs.

The announcement comes after the Kennel Club released the results of its review of all breed standards, which will help to ensure that no dog is bred for features that might prevent it from seeing, walking and breathing freely.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club spokesperson, said: “The Kennel Club is delighted to welcome to Crufts all charities or organisations that share our aim to improve the health and welfare of all dogs.

“ We agree with the Blue Cross’s view that pet owners are key to improving the health of pedigree dogs and Crufts is a unique opportunity for visitors to discover how to make informed buying choices and to find out more about Kennel Club Accredited Breeders, who put the health of the puppies that they breed first and foremost.

“The Blue Cross pet owner survey found that 65 percent of people do not know where to find reliable information about the health and welfare of pedigree dogs but there will be a dedicated Health Zone at Crufts where experts will be on hand to answer any questions that dog owners might have.

“The continued support of organisations such as the Blue Cross confirms our belief that Crufts is  the world's best platform for all dog lovers to come together and not only celebrate dogs but also discuss how we can work together to ensure that they lead happy, healthy lives.”