Reminder to apply for the Kennel Club's Breeders' Competition Final

The Kennel Club would like to remind all breeders who having gained 20 points or more, and who wish to compete in the final of the Breeders’ Competition at dfs Crufts next year, to forward a copy of their record book to the Canine Activities department at the Kennel Club by Friday 7th January 2011.

The final will be held on the evening of Thursday 10th March 2011 in the Main Arena, and will be judged by Mr C Habig from Germany. All finalists will be pre-judged in Rings 1 and 2 in Hall 1 at 2.30 pm.

This year’s finalists will be made up of breeders who have achieved 20 or more points at Championship shows throughout 2010.

Each team must comprise four dogs of the same breed and must have four handlers.  All dogs must have the same registered breeder. The dogs need not be qualified for or entered in the main breed competition at dfs Crufts. Furthermore, it is not a requirement for the breeder to nominate the same dogs as were exhibited during qualification.

The Kennel Club will acknowledge receipt of each record book - if an acknowledgement has not been received within 10 working days, or if you simply wish to get more information about the final, please contact Kathryn Marsh on 0844 463 3980 ext 303 or email


22nd December 2010

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