No worming out of dog waste disposal at dfs Crufts

Nick Hinton and Jill Diamond with the Dog Poo WormeryThis year, at dfs Crufts, one company is tackling the problem of getting rid of dog waste head on.

There’s no wiggling out of it - if you own a dog you will be familiar with the task of disposing of dog waste.  Many of us may simply use dog waste bags, which we then dispose of in our dustbins, or a dog waste bin.  However, much like kitchen waste, dog waste can be turned into fertilizer for the garden.

One company, which is looking for new ways to get rid of dog waste, is Earth Essentials.  They are exhibiting at dfsCrufts for the first time and have introduced the Dog Poo Wormery to the UK.

The Wormery works in much the same way as a kitchen waste composter.  However, the worms used in this wormery are bred specifically to eat their way through dog waste.

Jill Diamond, Managing Director of Earth Essentials, explains: “We already breed worms for green and kitchen waste compost systems and have a 7,000 square feet worm breeding facility.

“We started to get more and more enquiries for using worms to compost dog waste and after a lot of research, we came up with the Dog Poo Wormery.  We use Dendrobaena worms, which are native to the UK, and are bred specifically to eat their way through dog waste.  On average, a ton of worms can eat a ton of dog waste between one and four days.”

The Dog Poo Wormery is supplied complete with worms and once the worms start digesting the dog waste, they produce vermicast, which is nature’s natural fertilizer.  This fertilizer can then be used on flower beds to help the garden bloom.

The wormery is a specially adapted wheely bin and comes in two sizes.  It is easy to move and is an environmentally friendly and green way of disposing of dog waste.  The worms can even eat their way through compostable, starch-based dog waste sacks.

Earth Essentials can be found in Hall 2, stand 26, or online at: