Lancaster couple to the rescue of the Bichon Frise

Lancaster couple, Melvin and Pat Parrington are going to the world’s largest dog show, Crufts this year with their rescue dogs, to tell people about the great work of the Northern & Midland Bichon Frise Club Rescue.

The husband and wife team from Lancaster have been the Northern & Midland Bichon Frise Club Rescue co-ordinators for the last eight years, and about 130 dogs have passed through the rescue in that time. As dog lovers, they have had Bichon Frises for around 25 years and took over the breed’s rescue operation in 2004.

The Bichon Frise is a small white dog with a happy temperament, often known as a bit of an extrovert. It has gained a lot of popularity recently, and last year over 2,200 Bichon Frise puppies were registered with the Kennel Club. Like other breeds the Bichon Frise sadly sees some neglectful and abusive owners, but fortunately breed enthusiasts have dedicated their time and resources to help those in need.

The Northern & Midland Bichon Frise Club Rescue is part of the Kennel Club Breed Rescue, and Melvin and Pat will be coming to Crufts this year to talk to the public about the breed and introduce them to some of their rescue dogs.

Pat said: “25 years ago nobody knew about the Bichon Frise but in recent years there has been a big increase in their numbers and the breed has become a lot more popular. Unfortunately this has meant a rise in the number of dogs needing our help, with inability to cope or a change of circumstances being the main reasons.

“We are looking forward to Crufts where we will be joined by other people who volunteer for Bichon Frise rescue. We are delighted to be on the Kennel Club Breed Rescue stand to make people aware that they don’t necessarily have to get a puppy when they want a pedigree dog.”

Crufts takes place from 8th-11th March and different dog breeds will be joining the Kennel Club Breed Rescue stand each day. The Northern & Midland Bichon Frise Club Rescue will be on the stand on Thursday March 8th along with the Miniature Poodle Club Rescue & Rehoming Scheme.

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