Kennel Club calls on dog owners to enter new Crufts competition

Do you know that your dog is special but never thought that it would quite have the credentials to make it to Crufts? Well, now it can! The Kennel Club is inviting all dog owners to send photographs and video clips of their happy, healthy dogs in to its We Love Our Dogs competition, to be in with a chance of winning their own special Crufts award.

The We Love Our Dogs campaign is a celebration of the diverse role that dogs play in society and recognises that all dogs – whatever their job or hobby – are ultimately much loved pets. The Kennel Club will choose the Crufts ‘Aww factor’ winners from all photographs uploaded to the Kennel Club Flickr gallery and from the clips that have captured the nation’s hearts on YouTube and gained the highest ratings.

We Love Our Dogs is open to all dogs – whether show dogs, working dogs or simply companion dogs - and gives people the chance to showcase their happy, healthy dogs as the well rounded characters that they are, whether they are being loving, mischievous or simply showing off their special skills, quirks and foibles.

The We Love Our Dogs website will also give people the chance to see their favourite behind the scenes clips of Crufts show dogs – present and future - as they play, get muddy and generally enjoy time with their owners outside the show ring.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club spokesperson, said: “We Love Our Dogs is all about celebrating the diverse role that dogs play in society and Crufts, which is the world’s greatest celebration of dogs, is the perfect opportunity to do this.

“Some dogs are skilled working dogs, for example assistance dogs and police dogs; others have shiny coats, bright eyes and a healthy weight and are rewarded for this in the show ring. But all dogs are ultimately pet dogs with well rounded characters and we want to celebrate the relationship that they all – whatever their job or their hobby – experience with their owners.

“Celebrating the diverse talents of dogs has always been central to Crufts, whether it be through the ‘Friends for Life’ competition, that recognises our dog heroes, Agility competitions that reward our fastest and most nimble canine companions or through show judging that rewards those dogs that are healthy representatives of their breed. But the We Love our Dogs competition will throw this opportunity open to every dog owner who wishes to join us in celebrating man’s best friend.”

Winners will receive a special We Love Our Dogs Crufts trophy and a canvas portrait of themselves and their dog. Runners up will receive a special mug bearing a photograph of their dog.

To view the latest photographs and videos and to find all of the information on how to get involved in the We Love Our Dogs campaign visit If you don’t have a camcorder or editing software you can always make your own You Tube videos from a selection of photographs by using

Crufts 2009 will take place from 5th to 8th March at the NEC in Birmingham. For your tickets please visit The deadline for entries to the We Love Our Dogs competition is 26th February but people can continue to showcase their doggie videos and photographs all year round.