Interview With Ryan Ross, A YouTube Star of Crufts 2015

Interview With Ryan Ross, A YouTube Star of Crufts 2015

One of our favourite moments of Crufts 2015 was when young handler Ryan and his English Toy Terrier, Pepsi, won 3rd Place in the Toy Group – one of the youngest competitors to achieve this prestigious award.

How did you feel when they awarded you third place? And that the YouTube video has been viewed over 45 thousand times?

It was unreal being placed 3rd, I thought it was a dream and I was going to wake up at any moment... But it wasn't it was a reality! I think I was in more shock when the video hit so many views and I would like to thank everybody that filmed those first special moments in the video.

How did you reward Pepsi for doing such a brilliant job?

 She had a great big bone and a nice bit of rib eye steak!

What did your friends at school think?

They were shocked at first as they had seen me on television and they were all even more in shock as they didn't believe I would be able to get that far!

We know you felt nervous on the day, but you both looked like you had been showing for years! How did you keep on top of your nerves?

The best way that I find to deal with the nerves is to block them all out and think that every show is just training.

Have you competed in any more shows since Crufts 2015?

Pepsi and I have competed in many shows since Crufts and we are Currently Top ETT (English Toy Terrier) for 2015. She also has 10 CCs and 11 RCCs.

Will you be at Crufts in 2016?

I will be competing in The Breed, YKC Handling and YKC Stakes.

What are your ambitions for the future?

My ambition is to win a Best in Show at a General Champ Show.

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