Hearing Dogs Walkathon at DFS Crufts 2010 – 11-14 March

Hearing Dogs for Deaf PeopleHearing Dogs for Deaf People are challenging visitors to DFS Crufts 2010, from 11 – 14 March, to see how far they walk during their visit and support the charity at the same time.

Ruth Dunkin, Events Manager for Hearing Dogs said, ‘Having been to Crufts over the last few years, people are always commenting on how far they must have walked around the five halls, the Pavilion and the Arena, and certainly our feet know we’ve covered a fair distance after four days there - so, for 2010 we thought we’d give people the chance to find out by taking part in our Walkathon’.

To take part, people should head straight for the Hearing Dogs stand, (Hall 2 stand 52) when they arrive at DFS Crufts. For a minimum donation of £10, they will then get an Olymp Miles Pedometer which has a RRP of £25. After having this set to their stride, this will then record the number of steps and miles covered during the day. At the end of the day this distance can to be logged back at the Hearing Dogs stand, where they can also find out how many calories they have burnt – what better excuse to indulge in a cream bun on the way home!

Caroline Kisko, Communications Director at the Kennel Club, says “We know that the dogs are healthy and happy and fit for function at DFS Crufts - now it is time for the humans to prove just how fit they are. The Kennel Club is delighted to help Hearing Dogs with this innovative idea at this year’s show and look forward to seeing how many miles our visitors clock up.”

Caroline continued, “The staff at the show are especially fascinated to find out just how many miles they walk!”

It is hoped that the Walkathon will attract over 2,000 participants, and all those joining in will also get the chance to predict how far everyone will walk, to be entered into a draw to win a fantastic prize!

About Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People is a registered charity that selects and trains dogs to respond to specific sounds. Hearing dogs alert deaf people by touch, using a paw to gain attention and then lead them back to the sound source. For sounds such as the smoke alarm and fire alarm the dogs will lay down to indicate danger. Whenever possible, the dogs are selected from rescue centres, but they are also donated by breeders and members of the public, with the remainder coming from the Charity’s own breeding scheme.

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People provides a national service and no charge is made to recipients. Since its inception in 1982, Hearing Dogs for Deaf People has placed more than 1500 hearing dogs. The Charity has two centres operating in the UK – Buckinghamshire and the East Riding of Yorkshire.

For further information contact the Hearing Dogs press office:

Ally MacDonald (part-time) T 01844 348103  E ally.macdonald@hearingdogs.org.uk

Gemma Walton T 01844 348137 M 07500 056192 E gemma.walton@hearingdogs.org.uk

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People The Grange, Wycombe Road, Saunderton, Bucks HP27 9NS

T 01844 348100 (voice and minicom) F 01844 348101 E info@hearingdogs.org.uk

Visit Hearing Dogs for Deaf People’s Web site at www.hearingdogs.org.uk