Fundraising Donald on his way to dfs Crufts

DonaldDonald, a ten month old Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever from Stafford, is on his way to the world’s largest dog show, dfs Crufts 2011, in March with his owner Roz Hickman after winning numerous titles at Championship dog shows around the country.

Donald is a true star - not only does he have the looks but he has the heart too, giving his energy to help raise money for others with Pads Dog Training in Haughton, Stafford. Donald has just taken up the position of ‘mainstay’ in the display team, a role only a handful of dogs have had the opportunity to do before him.

Roz Hickman says: ”Donald is the most amazing little dog I have ever owned, and believe me I have owned a fair few dogs, mostly gundogs. He learns so quickly, and loves everything and everybody. He is a `helper dog` at Pads obedience classes, demonstrating to all the new dogs.

“He loves showing at dog shows - he gets so excited before going into the ring and he really can’t wait.  We have only been showing him for four months and every Toller exhibitor knows and loves Donald - he even has his own Facebook page with lots of `friends`. He is such a happy, friendly chap - he brings tears to my eyes every time I see him interacting with other dogs and people - a real credit to the breed.”

Roz started going to Pads Dog Training 18 years ago, taking part in the Kennel Club’s Good Citizen Dog Scheme with a problem dog she had taken in. Two years later, the couple who then ran the classes asked Roz to join them as a regular trainer and to help run the club. Roz has not looked back since.

Roz added: “Pads has seen huge changes since I first started. The club did competition agility plus all levels of obedience, but when the dog training side of it developed further, the club founders Kay and Robin decided to concentrate on the competition agility element. They asked me to take over the obedience classes and since then, Pads has gone from strength to strength, introducing a lot of exciting new classes, such as heelwork to music, fun flyball and fun agility.”

Over the last six years, Pads Dog Training has held numerous fundraising events and has raised thousands of pounds for different charities. The team chooses a different charity each year, raising funds by holding sponsored walks, fun dog shows, displays, fun days and participation in Stafford’s summer and Christmas parades. Like Donald and Roz, all Pads members and helpers offer their time freely to support that year’s chosen charity.

In 2010, Donald and Roz helped raise £2,000 for Canine Partners - just one of the many charities that benefit from Pads’ fundraising efforts. Others include the RSPCA, Guide Dogs for the Blind, Greyhound Gap, Dogs Trust and Stone Festival charities.

Donald and Roz are now getting ready for the world’s biggest dog show, dfs Crufts 2011, where they are bound to capture the hearts of the audiences and hopefully the judges too.

For tickets to dfs Crufts 2011, which will be held at the NEC, Birmingham from March 10th – 13th, please visit For more information about Pads Dog Training visit:


28th December 2010

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