First Hound Group qualifies for Breeders' Competition Crufts Final

Mr and Mrs Parke's Rhodesian RidgebacksThe Kennel Club has announced its first qualifier from the Hound Group for the final of the Breeders’ Competition, which will take place at the world’s great dog show, Crufts, in 2010.

Accredited Breeders Mr and Mrs Parke from Norfolk have been breeding dogs for over 25 years. They first entered the competition at its official launch at Manchester Dog Show in January this year, and their team of Rhodesian Ridgebacks have achieved great success since then, competing in the Breeders’ Competition at six shows with 12 different dogs.

Mrs Parke told the Kennel Club: “The KC Breeders’ Competition has been a pleasure to be involved with and a great deal easier to take part in compared to previous competitions of this nature.  It has been a completely unique experience to have as many as eight dogs of my breeding all go into the ring at the same time. I and the other dog owners have found it a positive experience for getting in some handling practice and I have even received enquiries about my future breeding stock.”

The Kennel Club Accredited Breeder Scheme, which was created in 2004, now has more than 4,000 members throughout the country, who have all agreed to follow the basic principles of good breeding practice.

There are now qualifiers for the final of the Breeders’ Competition from five of the seven groups. If you would like the chance to be the first qualifier from the Terrier or Utility Group, please contact Kathryn Marsh at the Kennel Club for further details or call 020 7518 1010.