Fieldsports TV comes to Crufts is following two gundog owners who are entering the BASC Gamekeepers' Ring at Crufts. In its 15-minute preview, out now (visit the TV programme shows interviews Sas Drury with her black Labrador Retriever Oliver and Lynn D'Albertson with her Weimaraner, Dilly.

The BASC Gamekeepers' Ring is just one of the many events taking place outside the main show ring at Crufts.

Both Sas and Lynn are appearing in the BASC Gamekeepers' Ring and are hoping to carry off two trophies. Sas wants the Gilbertson & Page Trophy (working Labradors) and Lynn The Countryman's Weekly Trophy (AV Pointer, Setter, HPR / working Gundogs). Former class winner Tanya Stapley of Ashburnham Gundogs in East Sussex helped Sas and Lynn train their dogs in the months leading up to the event. filmed some of the training. host Charlie Jacoby says: "Interviewing Sas and Lynn was a real joy. They absolutely love their dogs and, for Lynn, it's the first time she has been to Crufts, or indeed any dog show.

ā€œ is at Crufts to record how well the pair of them do, to report on what makes a great Gundog in 2009 and to capture the passion the British have for their Gundogs."