Crufts the perfect place for Obama to discover more about his choice of dog

The Kennel Club has applauded the Obama family for taking the time to think carefully about the type of dog that would suit their lifestyle and has extended an invitation to the family – and all potential dog buyers - to attend Crufts on 5th -8th March in order to find out more.

US First Lady, Michelle Obama, has recently revealed that she would like a rescued Portuguese Water Dog as a pet for her daughters; a breed which does not shed hair and could be less aggravating for her daughter who suffers from allergies.

There are 44 Portuguese Water Dogs entered at Crufts this year and the breed will take a stand in the Discover Dogs area, where visitors to the show can learn more about the type of dog that will suit their lifestyle. There will be around 190 breeds of dog at Crufts and a large Breed Rescue area, where visitors can talk to those volunteers who know just how important making the right choice of dog is.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club spokesperson, said: “The Portuguese Water Dog is very smart, optimistic and resilient and so could be a good match for the Obama administration.

“It is also important, however, to remember that the breed is tremendously energetic and lively and the family do need to make sure that they are prepared for that – as one of the reasons that the dogs end up in rescue if because the owners are not prepared for how spirited they will be. There are many other non-moulting breeds that could also suit the family, if they decide that they would still like a rescue pedigree and that the Portuguese Water Dog is not for them.

“We applaud the way that the Obama family have take the time to consider carefully the type of dog that would fit their lifestyle. There are lots of choices to make when buying a dog - from whether to buy a pedigree or cross breed, to whether a rescue dog or a puppy from a breeder will be right for you – and they seem to have taken all of these issues into account.

“If anybody is thinking of buying a dog then Crufts is the perfect opportunity to talk to responsible breeders, rescue volunteers, vets, behaviourists and others who love and care about dogs and who can advise them about how they can ensure that they give their dog or puppy the best possible start in life.

“Other non-moulting breeds that the Obamas could consider include the Intermediate Mexican Hairless - a medium sized dog, which the family has expressed a preference for – that is quiet and tranquil, at the same time as being happy and intelligent. The Standard Poodle would also be worth considering, as this is a gay-spirited and good tempered breed as well.”

Those who are looking to find a breed that might suit them can use the Kennel Club’s new Find a Breed Application at