Crufts celebrates TV ratings and attendance success

This year’s Crufts, the last to be sponsored by DFS, was the second largest visitor event at the National Exhibition Centre so far this year, with 138,000 visitors attending over the four days and millions tuning in to watch on More4.

More4 TV ratings for the Crufts programmes were almost 50 percent up on 2010. In total, almost 2.5 million viewers tuned in to watch with viewing figures peaking on Sunday night at 807,000. The event remains one of the NEC’s most successful annual shows.

A great partnership
Speaking on behalf of the Kennel Club, CEO Rosemary Smart, said: “We would like to thank DFS for their sponsorship over the past couple of years which has really helped us develop the presentation and marketing of Crufts on-line, on TV and at the show itself. Twenty two percent of households [1] have a dog, with more with 40 percent saying that their dog is their best friend [2], so it is no surprise that Crufts strikes such a chord. The partnership with DFS has been a great success and we are looking forward to similarly positive partnerships with other businesses and brands as Crufts continues to go from strength to strength.”

Andrew Trofimowicz , Marketing Director, DFS, said: “Our sponsorship of Crufts has proved to be very effective for us as a marketing tool, helping to increase our profile across UK households. We have very much enjoyed a two year relationship with the Kennel Club and Crufts, during which their team has proved by all measures to be quite exceptional. Their organisational expertise together with their experience, communication, professionalism and flexibility all contributed to a resounding no compromise success.”

More4 success

Hamish Mykura, Channel 4's Head of Documentaries, said: “Crufts has been an emphatic ratings success for More4. It is an educational and entertaining event which has something for all dog lovers and we have received very positive feedback from our viewers about how fun, informative and enjoyable the coverage was.”

The Kennel Club has a number of prestigious and successful corporate relationships with companies such as Nestlé, Proctor & Gamble and Samsung. Looking forward, the organisation is consolidating title sponsorship of Crufts into a much deeper association with its close relationship with Britain’s 6.4m dog-owning households. Brands and businesses interested in more information should contact Helen Fox at the Kennel Club. Email


18th April 2011
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Editors Notes
This year’s Crufts was the NEC’s second largest show across its consumer portfolio with 138,000 visitors attending and more than 28,000 dogs.

More4 coverage was up by 50 percent on 2010 figures and Crufts represented an almost 100 percent improvement on other More4 shows in the same slot. The Kennel Club operates a pedigree registration service with 300,000 applications every year, runs Petlog, Britain’s leading pet microchipping organisation with a database of 4.6 million dogs and invests in leading charitable and educational projects.

[1] Statistics from the Pet Food Manufacturers Association

[2] The research for the Kennel Club was carried out online by Opinion Matters in 2009 amongst a nationally representative sample of 530 UK adults who own dogs.