Crufts 2013 judging change

Mr David Blaxter has advised the Kennel Club of his decision to step down from his judging appointment for the Mastiff breed at Crufts 2013.

Mr Blaxter is an experienced judge who has also devoted many years to ensuring that the breed is healthy. It is in the spirit of wishing to see the best for the breed that he has relinquished his judging appointment. His replacement will be announced in due course.

Mr Blaxter was convicted for causing unnecessary suffering in 2009, due to a difficult case which arose from a personal judgment about how soon to euthanise a sick and aged dog. No disqualification order was imposed by the Court, nor were penalties imposed by the Kennel Club Disciplinary Sub-Committee. The  Disciplinary Sub-Committee indicated at the time that it was satisfied that there was no deliberate or wilful intent to cause any unnecessary suffering

In recognition of his many years of caring for dogs, Mr Blaxter has concluded that he does not want any attention taken away from the issues of importance surrounding the breed as a result of his appointment.

Gerald King, Chairman of Crufts, said: “Mr Blaxter is a respected Mastiff judge but the Kennel Club respects his decision to step down from his judging appointment at Crufts 2013.

“We look forward to Mr Blaxter’s continued contributions to the progress of his breed. Mr Blaxter has been instrumental in helping to understand and improve Mastiff health; he has contributed considerable time and knowledge to understanding and tracing the origins of Wobblers Syndrome within Great Danes and Mastiffs amongst other conditions, was one of the first members of the Mastiff Health Working Party and helped to draft the revised Mastiff breed standard. We hope that Mr Blaxter will continue making his knowledge and experience of the Mastiff breed available to interested parties.”