Bernese Mountain Dog breeders win Breeders' Competition at Crufts 2013

Breeders, Bernice Mair and Carole Hartley-Mair from Rochdale, Lancashire won the grand final of the Kennel Club Breeders’ Competition at Crufts this evening with their Meadowpark Bernese Mountain Dogs.

Mother and daughter, Carole and Bernice, who are Kennel Club Assured Breeders, won the ultimate breeder’s title with their team of Bernese Mountain Dogs in front of a packed Arena at the NEC in Birmingham. The Meadowpark Bernese beat 42 other breeders to receive their award with the dogs they had bred by their side.

All four breeders placed were Kennel Club Assured Breeders and more than half of the 42 finalists were also Kennel Club Assured Breeders, emphasising the scheme’s credentials.

Judge Michael Coad selected Meadowpark for the prize as the breeders with the best overall quality evident in their dogs, with the Hernwood Gordon Setters bred by Mr and Mrs Sandiford taking the reserve prize.

Throughout the year, breeders have competed at Championship dog shows around the UK for a chance to compete in the final, and, after months of hard work, the top scoring teams competed in what was an impressive, nail biting contest, where only one could be crowned Best Breeder.

Sponsored by Agria Pet Insurance, and supported by Our Dogs newspaper, the Breeders’ Competition provides breeders with a fantastic opportunity to be recognised for their breeding credentials and pedigree heritage.

Winning breeder Carole Hartley-Mair follows the high standards set by the Assured Breeder scheme and said: “Myself and my mother breed the dogs and we are a real mother and daughter team. We have worked very hard to get here and are absolutely delighted to win.”

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Communications Director said: “We are so thrilled that all four placed in the grand final and so many of all the finalists in the Breeders Competition are Kennel Club Assured Breeders. This highlights the importance of the scheme setting standards for responsible breeding to ensure all dogs have the best chance of a happy and healthy life.

“Congratulations to Meadowpark Bernese Mountain Dogs on this fantastic achievement. Their dogs are a real testament to the time and effort they have made in developing sound breeding practices to produce wonderful dogs.”

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1st place - Meadowpark Bernese Mountain Dogs
2nd place - Hernwood Gordon Setters
3rd place – Kavacanne German Shorthaired Pointers
4th place – Lireva Pomeranians

9th March 2013