ABC Agility Competitors Qualify For Crufts At Eukanuba Discover Dogs

ABC Agility Competitors Qualify For Crufts At Eukanuba Discover Dogs

Twenty dogs have qualified for the ABC Agility finals at the world’s greatest dog event, Crufts.

The ABC semi-finals for medium dogs and large novice dogs were held at Eukanuba Discover Dogs at ExCeL London on 17th and 18th October, and saw ten dogs and their handlers qualify from each competition.

The semi-finals consisted of one round of agility and one round of jumping. The winners were those with the fewest combined faults in the fastest combined time, calculated over the two rounds of the semi-final. The medium competition is open to all agility grades and the large novice dogs had to be at grades 1-5 at the time of qualifying.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary, commented: “We look forward to welcoming the successful dogs and handlers to Crufts 2016. All of the dogs and their handlers did so well. It was a fiercely fought competition and the standards were very high.”

The qualifiers from the semi-finals were:

Medium ABC Agility Semi-Final

1st - Tash Poddubecki and Lady of Croftmoor

2nd - Lara Staplehurst and Alfee's Surprise

3rd - Chantal Karyta and Licosateria Mai Sunseeker AW(B)

4th - Gemma Haycock and Simply Red Roobs

5th - Julie Saunders and Mista Pickles

6th - Karen Gibbons and Riverbend Mitzie AW (G)

7th - Angie Edwards and Dunnellons Gotabe Crackers AW(G)

8th - Nicola Wildman and Ag Ch Za Zar Zoom AW(G)

9th - Des Cufley and What You Got Dino

10th - Samantha Lane and Woodhouse Quartz Of Daimonic


ABC Semi-Final for large novice dogs

1st - Selena Bray and Starsofmars Phar Lap

2nd - Sarah Graham and Reiver's Jumping Geordie

3rd - Laura Lee and Rowles Robin

4th - Alan Dormann and Harsett Flax

5th - Carlos Longueira-Barr and Morgans R'ocka Billie Rebel

6th - Joanne Sampson and Perdy's Little Miracle at Russetvalley

7th - Elisabeth Condie and Cheeky Camdensire

8th - Neal Coombes and Decoyman's Piper Jonagold

9th - Tracy Hunt and Russetvalley Rakos AW (B)

10th - Leila Stretch and Batfink Bat Out Of Hell

Eukanuba Discover Dogs took place on 17th and 18th October at ExCeL London. For further information, please visit

Crufts takes place from 10th – 13th March 2016 at the NEC, Birmingham.